Top 20 Signs FBI Incited January 6th Riot.

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More and more evidence is surfacing that the FBI was the instigator behind the so-called riot at the Capitol Building on January 6th which the left cannot stop ballyhooing about. Here’s the top twenty signs:

  1. A video was released showing an undercover FBI agent pulling glass from a window of the capitol building and suspiciously dropping it like no one saw him. Then corresponding with the other agents via his mic do not defend this opening from trespassers and the large group of police turned their backs to the opening and walked away. But when this same undercover agent saw he was being videoed, he immediately changed his demeanor to pushing people and shouting “get out!” All for show. All on tape.
  2. Capitol police strangely took down barricades and welcomed demonstrators and rally goers into the Capitol building as if on a tour. All on tape.
  3. Anyone that entered was later found and arrested for trespassing and are still incarcerated but only if they were Trump supporters.
  4. Agitators were witnessed coming into town the night before by the bus loads and greeted by police or undercover agents.
  5. Many FBI agents were undercover and behaved violently at the demonstration to incite the peaceful rally goers. Then teargas was used against innocent patriots which enraged them.
  6. Chris Wray feared Trump would fire him if reelected or if the electoral votes were challenged putting Trump in the winning column.
  7. Nancy knew many states would be objecting to the electoral votes and had to be stopped at all costs. Even at the cost of Ashli Babbitt’s life.
  8. The Biden Administration erected guarded fencing around the capitol building for months afterwards to make it look like they were under attack from Trump supporters. Which they were not. All for show.
  9. This administration continues to say that white supremacists (which are not Trump supporters) are the biggest threat to America. All for show. In fact, no one knows who they are or if they even exist.
  10. The cop who shot an unarmed trespasser Ashli Babbitt dead has been exonerated by authorities and by the media. No public outcry for her murder like what was done after Floyd’s death. Crickets heard from the left.
  11. Many capitol police have died since the riot either out of guilt or under suspicious circumstances. Maybe got threatened to remain quiet.
  12. The FBI has been caught in collusion with Hillary during the Russian Collusion hoax so why not be part of this set up of Trump too?
  13. Nancy was looking for another impeachment of Trump that would stick this time and put the final nail in his coffin to never run again. Unfortunately for her, this didn’t stick either as Trump said walk peacefully and patriotically to the capitol and let your voices be heard. All on tape. Trump was no where near the capitol and no evidence of an invasion being planned ahead.
  14. Nancy declined extra security the day of the counting of electoral votes even though pipe bombs were found nearby. She refused national guard and sent some capitol police home. She knew all along the secret rogue FBI agents were coming to do her dirty work.
  15. The planter of the two pipe bombs has not yet been arrested even though we have her on tape. Obviously, the FBI used tapes to find all the trespassers but this gal has not been located. All part of their inciting violence plan as they wanted the pipe bombs to be associated with Trump. And still do thus not releasing the identity of the pipe placer.
  16. Haven’t heard of any BLM or Antifa being held or arrested from the riot even though we know one of their leaders was behind much of it or was paid to come. All on tape.
  17. The whole summer of BLM and Antifa rioting and burning down cities was called peaceful demonstrations by General Milley and others, but this rally gone wrong was labeled an insurrection. The labeling was changed to warrant another impeachment of Trump.
  18. General Milley called China afterwards in order to tarnish any future Trump relationship with China just in case the SCOTUS decided to hear the election fraud cases. But Jon Roberts (another beauty) had a hissy fit heard through the walls that he wouldn’t support Trump or take the cases. He fears Trump too. They are all in cahoots.
  19. The media and Biden Administration continually call the rally goers “armed insurrectionists” but not one policeman was shot at nor one gun confiscated only a lone Trump supporter was shot dead by the police.
  20. The FBI became part of the Deep State while under the helm of Comey who is buddies with Wray and Mueller. Nothing that comes out of the FBI since then has been aboveboard including the staged kidnapping of Governor Whitmer, the staged hate crime of Jussie Smollett, and the fake hate crime of a Bubba Wallace all of which the FBI jumped on and were left with egg on their faces.

They can’t even surveil a guy who is under suspicion of killing his missing girlfriend Gabby. They let him escape! This agency is nothing more than a “Cover Your Ass” agency. They cover for themselves after they screw up. They cover for Democrats up to no good. In fact, they should rename it the CYA. And if there are honest agents working under this corrupt leadership, they need to become whistleblowers but probably fear for their life. They saw what happened to Seth Rich. Look what they’ve done to Stuart Scheller. No one is allowed to speak out against an elected Democrat or this administration. And no one is allowed to show support for Trump! No one!

I grew up admiring the FBI and their work. In fact, I wanted one of my sons to become an FBI agent. He became a lawyer instead. Smart move. I wouldn’t want him working under the corrupt leadership of this agency. They all need to be fired from the top down. But, in order to do that, we need Trump or a Trump-like president soon. Cruz, DeSantis or Trump could do it.


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