Does Anyone Else Think Alec Baldwin’s Accident Smells Fishy?

Photo by Shane on
Could Alec Baldwin face charges in fatal movie set shooting? Legal experts  weigh in
Halyna Hutchins/Alec Baldwin

Here’s why I think it does:

  1. Alec is known to have a bad temper.
  2. If Alec had blood spatter on him, then he was pretty darn close to her.
  3. No one points a gun at anyone, not even Nerf guns. And Alec is an anti-gun guy who should know better.
  4. Alec is a seasoned actor knowing all the pitfalls of filming making it highly unlikely that he’d make such a rookie mistake.
  5. Victim’s husband works for the firm defending Sussmann who got indicted for the Russia Collusion story. Coincidental? You know what Freud said. You can’t make this stuff up. Maybe she knew too much stuff about the Clintons and had been blabbing.
  6. Alec is a known philanderer. Was he having an affair with her and she broke it off?

“The husband of Halyna Hutchins, cinematographer killed by Baldwin, is a corporate lawyer in Latham & Watkins’ Los Angeles office.

One of Latham and Watkins’ clients is Michael Sussmann – the Clinton attorney who was just indicted by Bob Durham.” NWO Report.

Too many curious questions surrounding this accident making it seem like Alec knows more than he’s admitting to. Or did someone who had quit recently come back and load the gun with a real bullet out of revenge? But why did Alec shoot it? Was it in the process of filming or just screwing around? Will we ever know the truth? Probably not, as whenever the Clintons or Hollywood are involved, even remotely, the stories get buried by the police. Remember Seth Rich? We’ll never get to the bottom of that story.

My initial thought was a lover’s quarrel. We’ll see. One thing for sure, her lawyer husband will be suing Alec and his production company, big time. Possibly even facing criminal charges. Alec’s SNL gig just ended. Manslaughter is not a laughing matter, accidental or not. Check their text messages.


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