When Democrat Lawmakers Become Victims of their own Laws…

Will we finally start seeing them reverse the “defund the police” bills?

“Pennsylvania Congresswoman Mary Scanlon and Illinois State Senator Kimberly Lightfoot, both Democrats who supported police reform, were carjacked on Tuesday just hours apart from one another in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Lightfoot was carjacked at gunpoint on Tuesday night while driving with her husband in a Chicago suburb. Lightfoot’s husband was driving their Mercedes Benz when three masked men approached and fired multiple gunshots at him. Lightfoot’s husband, however, was not injured.

Both women have been vocal supporters of police reform, co-sponsoring bills to allow mental health specialists to replace police officers as first responders in some instances. Lightfoot also slashed Chicago PD’s budget by $59 million in 2020.” NWO Report.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. They carjacked Democrat lawmakers? Are they stupid? This is what I call the Democrats getting a taste of their own medicine, and it doesn’t taste good. San Francisco Mayor has already cried “uncle” and wants out of the defund the police program. Her city is going to pot.

Problem is now that many cops have retired or been cut back during this period and cops are being sentenced to jail for accidentally killing blacks, who would want to apply for these positions? It’s too risky of a job now. Officers are getting ambushed and shot or arrested for doing their jobs much more frequently than in previous times. In Law & Order Criminal Intent cops accidentally shoot unarmed perps but never get sentenced to serve jailtime. They get their gun confiscated for a while and see a therapist. Now we have cops who accidentally shoot an armed suspect during an escape attempt and get arrested and found guilty of manslaughter. No one would want to apply for this unappreciated position.

Bottom line: If you are resisting arrest and attempting to flee, no matter what your color, you may find yourself at the business end of a gun. PERIOD. I think the verdict was wrong in the recent trial of the Officer Kim Potter. Police officers should be held to a higher standard over an average person as they are hired to serve and protect while wearing a firearm. That alone makes it easier for unintentional mistakes to be made. An officer with a clean record has no intention to murder a suspect. None.

“Kim Potter, the Brooklyn Center police officer who fatally shot black motorist Daunte Wright during a traffic stop was arrested and charged with first-degree and second-degree manslaughter in April.

After 26 hours of deliberations, a Minneapolis jury found the former Minnesota police officer guilty on both charges.” NWO Report.

I don’t think this officer should have even been arrested, just suspended for a while. And what was with the soft-spoken judge in her case? She talked to the jury like they were children volunteering for the military. It was weird. But ever sense George Floyd’s accidental death, things have changed. Officers are guilty, suspects are innocent. Daunte Wright had a record of police defiance, drugs, and guns from a young age. He had a grim future no matter what the outcome of his arrest.

But since we finally have Democrat lawmakers knowing what crime feels like when they become the victims themselves of a carjacking, maybe there is a glimmer of hope that things will turn around. When celebrities too start witnessing the same crimes in their bubble then maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop being tone death to the escalating crime wave like Seth Rogen is.



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