VP Compares the Capitol Breach to Thousands Killed in WTC and Pearl Harbor Attacks.

Kamala encouraging BLM to continue rioting.

What a disgrace to those innocent lives lost from a sneak attack from our enemies. How dare she compare them? One life was lost at the Capitol breach. It was Veteran Ashli Babbitt who was murdered by a partisan police officer. Some may have died under suspicious circumstances later on but really to make some comparison to the biggest attacks in U.S. history was unbecoming of a sitting Vice President and a dishonor to 2,900 lost on 9-11 and 2,400 lost on 12-7. Shame on her. What they’re trying to do is to equate the date 1-6 to be remembered like 9-11 and 12-7 for generations. Nice try.

She is overly dramatic and tries to embellish everything that happens in our country by turning it into something bigger than it was. BLM is a movement but not for good when they destroy property and lives. They were involved in over 500 riots in 2020 prior to the election that went virtually unnoticed by the media and Democrats. But encouraged by Kamala. BLM has been hijacked by the left and used for their own selfish purposes. Is Kamala admitting in this old video that it’s okay to riot and storm the capitol building if you think an injustice has occurred? Oh…I guess it’s only okay when the injustice occurs to the left. Republicans be damned.

Rally goers had the right to voice their disapproval of the way the election went down and show support for the real winner of the election as we’d never seen the likes of this in our history. Something went wrong overnight and we will never forget.

Biden came to the mic angry and called Trump many names like “defeated.” I think he was talking about himself and the way he feels about his own presidency. The only way the Democrats can win an election from here on out is by cheating. They are good at it. They have billionaire Zuckerberg helping them.

The speeches those two gave yesterday pissed me off as it did many others, I suspect. They were divisive, angry, and vindictive. Not good traits for the Leaders of the Free World. I don’t know where we can go from here. We feel marginalized by them as if we don’t exist in their world. They don’t care about us. They don’t care about covid spreading. They don’t care about cops being ambushed daily and our children being forced to wear masks in school. They don’t care about our borders being overrun by illegals. And they don’t care about our cost of living soaring.

I think my biggest disappointment in them however is the mask mandates of children. I feel like it stunts the emotional growth of our children and could lead to a generation of troubled kids in the future. I guess in their eyes, easier to slip CRT into their mushy brains.

And what’s with AG Garland still seeking to punish those that attended the Trump rally that day? Hasn’t he done enough by imprisoning over 700 patriots? I feel sorry for those in jail as I hear the guards treat them miserably. What world am I leaving in? They’d be better off at Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.

Here’s one author’s summary of what really went down on January 6th 2021.

JANUARY 6th, 2021

The minute they [the deep state] heard the news that Trump was organizing his capitol rally, they sprang into action. First, meet with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and secretly lay out the plan; Make certain the capitol police don’t overreact. Secondly, do not activate the National Guard, that will certainly ruin the plan. Thirdly, infiltrate the crowds with federal agents as plain clothes agitators. Fourth, place agitators at strategic locations to tear down barriers and break windows. Just for good measures, throw in a fake pipe bomber. Their missions were nothing more than to incite a riot. They executed the plan perfectly and made it possible, with the help of the media, to label all Trump supporters as “insurrectionists”.” Steelpencil.

Make the masks go away! Release the Capitol patriots from jail! Let’s go Brandon. Come on, man.


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