Mass Shooters Mostly Vote Democrat…

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but most Democrats are not mass shooters. But from what we are hearing in the news lately, you’d think all mass shooters are conservative Republicans or Trump Supporters. This is being falsely spread by liberal news anchors. They are comparing Rittenhouse to a mass shooter in Buffalo who was merely a high school punk, not an actual adult white Supremacist–unless they are teaching white supremacy in school now. But they are teaching the kids to hate down racial lines by making blacks feel oppressed or suppressed and whites feel guilty. This shooter is the pure result of teachers failing our students and the police not following up on school threats. The Promise Program lives on way after Obama it seems or reinstated during Biden’s regime. His parents hold some responsibility for probably talking hate at the kitchen table. Good rule of thumb: Don’t talk politics in front of your children.

Remember the long forgotten mass shooting in Las Vegas where a lone gunman picked off concert goers one by one from a hotel room? Notice how his motive has never been disclosed? The FBI is hiding something. Why is that? Probably because he was a disgruntled Hillary voter. Also remember the mass killer who mowed down parade attendees with his car last Christmas? How quickly that disappeared in the news. Why didn’t Biden go to grieve with the victims’ families like he plans to do today? Because it didn’t fit his narrative that white supremacy is the biggest threat to America as a black Muslim mowed down those white folks. But he equates Buffalo shooter with Charlottesville where he was inspired to run for president against Trump.

Let’s get one thing clear. Not Trump, nor Republicans, are White Supremacists. The KKK were rich Democrats! January 6th was not a gathering of White Supremacists. See how he tries to link Buffalo to Trump? He is sick. Buffalo will be their new Charlottesville which was fake news. Remember when a disgruntled Bernie volunteer shot down the Republican congress baseball game almost killing some and the right never condemned Bernie for inciting violence? We never dragged that story out through the media trying to blame Democrats. All Biden did today was send a dog whistle for more BLM riots in the streets. They are in campaign mode and this is all they know how to do.

What about the black New York subway shooter of late? Notice how the news has quickly buried that story. Why? Because he is another Democrat voter and we don’t go after Democrat voters. What about the mall shooter who shot Gabby Gifford in the face? They blamed that shooting on Sarah Palin for having a bullseye in her campaign ad. Really? What a stretch. The shooter was an obsessed fan of Gabby who was deranged. Remember the autistic shooter who shot up his mother’s school after she bought him a rifle for his birthday? Another Democrat shooter. Remember the Pulse Nightclub shooter who was secretly gay and decided to shoot up a gay club? He was a gay Muslim who was also deranged but somehow the right got blamed for gay hate.

Remember the theater mass shooter in Aurora, Colorado? He picked off movie goers that were trapped in the theater. Another product of a Democrat voter. Haven’t been to a theater since. Let’s not forget the forgotten children in Chicago that get killed every weekend by Black gangs. That is Black on Black crime, i.e. Democrat on Democrat crime, that goes unreported by the media. Why is that?

No one forgets the Columbine shooters which was life imitating art of the movie The Revenge of the Nerds. It was in Colorado though which predominately votes Democrat. There was another one in Southern California whereby a Muslim and his wife shot employees at his company party. It had been planned for weeks. It was a terror attack by radical Islam but downplayed as workplace violence by Obama together with the Mt. Hood military base shooter who killed fellow soldiers. Another Democrat voter. And we’ll never forget the Boston Marathon bombing by Muslim immigrant brothers who targeted spectators along the roadway, influenced by their radicalized aunt. Definitely not Republican voters.

There are many more mass shootings over the years that go forgotten with time, But the truth of the matter is Republican voters aren’t mass shooters. Nor do we plan insurrections! Rittenhouse was acquitted on self defense as he was attacked in the street by a white mob of Democrat voters i.e. Antifa. He went to the Seattle street to protect a family business and got chased down. I don’t condone that he brought a rifle but remember in 2011 when President Obama said, “When they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun.” He’s the OG of condoning violence with guns. The left condones more violence with their hateful rhetoric than the right does. Just listen to Maxine Watters, Biden, DeNiro, Depp, Madonna, Kerry, and Schumer. All spewed fighting, violence, bombing, and assassination. But notice none of them get called out for it. Three of them should be behind bars for making a threat against a president or Supreme Court Justice.

Notice the FBI has not taken the case of the leak from the Supreme Court yet. Why is that? Because Biden hasn’t approved it nor does he want the truth to be revealed. We are living in a two-tiered justice system. One for the Democrats and another for the rest of us.


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