Sussmann Trial Indicates Mueller as an Accomplice in Russia Collusion Charade.

Crooked Hillary.

Testimony in Clinton Lawyer, Michael Sussmann’s trial suggests that Bob Mueller, Special Counsel, knew all along that the story behind Trump colluding with Russia was contrived, fabricated, approved, and signed off by Crooked Hillary herself so she could tarnish Trump before and after the election. But he went along with it anyway to ruin Trump’s reputation in his first few years as president. “The means justifying the end” rears its ugly head again.

Everyone on Mueller’s team knew. Comey knew. Strzok knew. Page knew. Weissman knew. Ohr knew. McCabe knew. Clapper knew. Brennan knew. And dare I say, FBI Director, Chris Wray knew and didn’t put a stop to it. This team of corrupt lawyers spent 37 million taxpayer $$$$$ lining their own pockets, all the while pulling the wool over the eyes of the American public. The whole lot of them in the FBI need to be impeached.

And who spread the fake Steel Dossier among the Senate? None other than Trump rival, Senator John McCain. Did he know it was fake? Probably, but what the heck. He wanted to take Trump down for something he said during one of his debates. Senator Romney has been filling in for McCain since his death.

This trial of Sussmann actually has chosen Hillary donors as jurists. They also chose a jurist that knows Sussmann personally. You can’t make this stuff up. This alone would never fly in any other city other than corrupt D.C. Durham should have gotten a change of venue outside of D.C. Why are we always so trusting to allow a tainted jury before the trial even begins? Durham should know better. It shows that we are still naïve to the tricks of the Clinton Machine. They have probably already bribed or blackmailed the jurors.

The lame stream media won’t even mention this trial as they have always been in the tank for Hillary. I turned on one of their shows only to hear how Trump planned a capitol insurrection to change the results of the election that killed officers and guards. Now they have resorted to exaggerating the whole incident. They are still obsessed with Trump. So you see, we are up against a vindictive media, a corrupt government, and some lawless renegades in the legal system. Will Sussmann even be found guilty with these mounting bombshells; and if so, will his accomplices be held accountable? In a perfect world. But nothing is perfect right now. In fact, everything is upside down.

I won’t hold my breath as we have been sort of naïve to the tricks of the Clinton Machine. They have their dirty hands in everything. And they are indestructible like The Terminator.


2 thoughts on “Sussmann Trial Indicates Mueller as an Accomplice in Russia Collusion Charade.

  1. Prejudiced jurors, no surprise. The Dems always hedge their bets. You seriously didn’t think this would net any type of meaningful results did you. Just another gov’t ruse.


  2. I was hopeful until I heard about the jurors and even the judge is biased. Durham spends all this time investigating then hands the case off to a biased jury? What’s wrong with him? Maybe the jurors will surprise us.


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