Why is Covid-Positive Biden Wearing a Suit?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

He should be in bed! You are supposed to be aching all over with a headache and chills not posting videos of yourself in a suit. Runny nose and dry cough are not even symptoms. Headache, achy muscles, sore throat, and fatigue are. Fever comes a little later. Something is up with this test. BTW, Biden is always coughing and rubbing his nose, so what’s new? Even a flu puts one in bed and covid is worse than the flu. Biden is not working or running the country. This video was either staged to make it look like he is a tough guy or his test was a false positive. Or another smokescreen to get the news cycle off his failed overseas trip and inflation.

Nothing that comes out of this White House is true. If he feels well enough to put on a suit, then he needs to be retested. It may have been a false positive or in Biden’s case, a ploy for sympathy. Retake the test! If he really has covid, then he should act like it. See you in five days.


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