It all Began with Benghazi Coverup.

Connecting the dots.

What do I mean by that? We voted in the most radical Muslim president in U.S. history so we wouldn’t appear to be racist, who we still are not sure if he was qualified to even run for president as he showed us a less than legit looking birth certificate “turned in” by a woman who was later found dead. Barrack Hussain Obama was groomed by the likes of George Soros to become president with little or no experience. And we’re not even sure if his children are birth children. Let’s connect the dots after this first mistake we made.

After his first term which was most likely a bust and was going to lose to Mitt Romney, there was a terror attack at our U.S. Embassy in Benghazi killing four brave sitting ducks working under no less than Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State at the time who lied to congress regarding what led up to the attack. There was a stand down order from the top to avoid any military conflicts prior to the election. You see, Obama couldn’t say the word terror attack or radical Islamic terror prior to running for his second term so thus began the Coverup of Benghazi in late night meetings with his cabinet members including compromised old Biden.

They decided to blame the attack on a hateful video and arrested the creator used as a patsy reminiscent of Oswald days. This is how the Dems work. And thus began the deletion of 30,000 emails between Hillary and Obama using a private server in her home to Obama’s secret email address and the hammering of cell phones. They weren’t all about yoga classes and Chelsea’s’ wedding. Please.

So with all this going on, Trump decided to throw in his hat and run as a Republican as he became increasingly disgusted as all of us were with Obama’s running of the country from Fast and Furious to Lois Lerner to Boston Police are idiots to manufacturing jobs won’t come back without a magic wand to you didn’t build that, to Solyndragate to Bowebergdahlgate to the jobs weren’t shovel ready to Seal Team Six helicopter crash, etc., etc. Obama started the hate of police, shipping of jobs overseas, and ruined the economy and stock market. Period. He was “a financial terrorist.”

After Trump announced he was running, the Democrats like Obama, Comey, Brennan, Strzok, Page, Wray, Mueller, Clapper, Rice, Jarred, and Biden began a full onslaught attack on Trump and anything he did beginning with Accesshollywoodgate, Russiagate, Kavanaughgate, Stormygate, Ukrainegate, then finally Insurrectiongate. But none of it stuck. As it was mostly bogus, fabricated nonsense. And that brings us up to date with Raidgate.

Obama’s original staff are still working under Biden in the DOJ, FBI, and the cabinet like Susan Rice and Valerie Jarred protecting Obama’s legacy and are all still at it. They want Trump neutralized before 2024 and want it bad. So they came up with a fools errand to raid his home and pretend to seize stolen documents. It is all coming out that it was just a ruse to hurt Trump yet again. Or to seize declassified documents Trump had on Russiagate which was funded by Hillary and carried out by the FBI and Mueller team. No telling what else was in those docs that the FBI wanted back. Not the Archives Department.

Hollywood, the likes of late night Colbert said Christmas came early when he saw Trump’s home raided. Well, Christmas might have come early, but not for Colbert. It came early for Trump as the Biden Administration has egg all over their faces after this stunt failed. Nice try Biden. Enjoy your days on the beach frolicking with your criminal son’s family trying to flaunt your freedom in our faces. You planned and approved this ransacking of Trump’s home, so stop lying! You and Hunter’s days are numbered. You and your henchmen need to leave your calendars open for many inquisitions once we take over the House and Senate and dismantle the FBI, DOJ, and IRS from the TOP on down. They are all politicized and literally weaponized.


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