What’s Next for the Ol’ Bag of Bones?

This guy is an embarrassment to our country, yet the left keeps encouraging him to appear at events. Why? So they can prop up his approval rating before the midterms? But he’s hard to watch or listen to. His wife looks scared to death of what he may say once he gets the mic in his hand. It’s like she’s praying on stage for him not to mess it up again. He has the mentality of my six year old grandson who sometimes blurts out family secrets, loses his temper, and tells little fibs. But in Joe’s case, they are lurid secrets, raging tantrums, and blatant, outright lies.

He recently admitted to being a pedophile to an audience of leftists that remarkedly laughed. He said a “12 year old girl helped him out a lot when he was 30.” What the hell was she helping him with when he was a senator? Was she in his office like Matt Lauer has admitted to? Was she a daughter of one of his volunteers? The FBI needs to investigate that comment. That girl would be 62 now and needs to come forward. This guy has a litany of creepy memories from his past and they are oozing out of his pores in real time.

Still can’t believe he is our president and normal guy Trump is ousted by a coordinated coup by the left. How in the world did our country succumb to such a thing? With all our technology and achievements, we have come to this: an old bag of bones pretending to be president. It is the most heinous atrocity ever played on us, worse that Pearl Harbor and 9-11 combined and some fell for it. And now they are sticking it to us every time he appears on a stage. It’s like they are flaunting their crime on all of us in plain sight. That’s the feeling I get.

Everything the left does is disgusting to normal people. Releasing murderers from jail, allowing smash and grab thugs to stay on the streets, suppressing news of a crazy leftist radical running down a young GOP in the street, and ignoring our border crisis. These leftists are lawless, heartless, and Godless. They have no conscience, scruples, or morals. They revere criminals and condemn good people. They harped on the Charlottesville story for years regarding a white supremacist that ran down a pro-statue removing protestor, yet they ignore the story of a radicalized leftist running down a conservative youth. It is appalling what they are able to get away with with the help of the fake news.

We’ve all been duped for two years by this ol’ bag of bones to the point of it being a lost cause trying to inform the people of the truth. His legs resemble Pinocchio’s legs and has the same gait. Just watch him. The only thing missing are the strings holding him up and the ventriloquist. The left would be better off if they left him in the basement with the other marionettes.

It is exhausting to continue with this guy to say the least, and we are all tired. Let’s just vote the crazies out in November that support this madman, pedophile in the White House once and for all. Stop the madness we are all witnessing daily! I’ll take Trump’s tweets any day over this joke foisted on us.


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