NYC Mayor Mocks Kansas…

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saying, “New York City has a brand. Kansas doesn’t have a brand” to an audience of laughter. Really? You’re going to brag about NYC’s brand? What brand? Crime and disorder? But what was he really saying? He was saying, “Don’t drop the illegals off in our town. Bring them to Kansas that no one cares about.” Or something along those lines.

Kansas may not be a big tourist attraction, but I bet you can buy a beautiful home for $500,000 that has a huge yard and streets that are safe from crime. I bet the schools don’t have shootings, CRT, White privilege teachings, and the streets aren’t painted with large Black Lives Matter letters. I bet they produce much of the food you order at those ritzy restaurants. I bet they would allow President Trump to live in their city. I bet they’d never miss the signs of an impending terror attack on their downtown buildings. I bet they wouldn’t have seven loose divorcees starring in a reality show. I bet you can walk with your child downtown without being attacked by street thugs or witnessing cop cars being burned. And I bet store owners don’t have smash and grab crime. That’s NYC’s brand.

All this mayor did by making that comment was prove that they think they are better than the rest of America. That they are elites that look down on Middle Americans. Thus, we deserve to have Biden’s illegals flooding our states rather than them being bussed to the sanctuary city of New York City. We got his message loud and clear. I, for one, have no desire to visit New York City ever again. Ever again. Don’t care about Broadway plays with a bunch of elites praising each other with shouts of Bravo Bravo Bravo. Hard pass. Don’t care about shopping in stores that allow smash and grab routinely. And I definitely don’t care about a city that has NO LAW AND ORDER other than the tv show! And I don’t want to visit a city that strictly and stupidly votes Democrat over and over shooting themselves in the foot!

So keep your city to yourself and what few residents you have left. Soon it will be taken over by the street thugs that can get away with murder and get released the same day. Good job! Well done! Way to run a city! You should all be very proud of yourselves. I can see why. So continue with your Kansas bashing. I’m quite sure those folks will not be voting Democrat this midterm. If they do, I’d be surprised. “We’re not in Kansas any longer.” In fact, when one visits New York City they can be heard saying, “We’re not in America any longer.” No kidding! “We’re in a third world country run by a dictator from the looks of it.”


2 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Mocks Kansas…

  1. I grew up in Tulsa, spent considerable time in Kansas. When you stand in the middle of thousands of acres of wheat, waist high, and feel the warm sun, and gentle breeze on your face it’s pretty close to heaven. I doubt you will get that feeling standing in the midst of giant buildings and piles of garbage. He’s and idiot.


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