Liberals Condone Looting by Those Less Fortunate.

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This looting during a natural disaster that DeSantis is concerned about brings back memories when we had to flee a firestorm in the wee hours of the morning without any warning from authorities. I’m a light sleeper and heard a commotion and sirens in the vicinity. I grabbed my purse and his wallet and flew out the front door to our Santa Rosa condo in our sleepwear as the smoke was surrounding it and a wall of orange glow was heading our way. It was the most frightening experience we’d ever encountered.

Needless to say, we survived, so did our unit, although half of the other units got burned to the ground and are still reeling from the event six years later. The community lost 22 lives that night from those not able to flee in time. By luck, the firestorm jumped our street. We sold a year later to get away from the never-ending chaos and the area still hasn’t recovered totally. But I remember we weren’t allowed to enter our premises for two weeks due to high security with streets blocked off by National Guard due to looting. Well, I told my Democrat friend that I hope I didn’t get robbed as I may have left the doors unlocked (which I did). Her response was, “Anyone that would loot, needs it more than you.” (Who does she think she is, Robin Hood?)

Wow. What a cold answer from a supposedly compassionate Democrat. Don’t kid yourself, that compassionate mantle they have claimed is phony. Apparently, having a near death experience from a firestorm wasn’t tragic enough for us to go through. We also have to experience our personal belongs being stolen by someone that needs them more than us. So cold. But this is how Democrats think and why Kamala said they will award emergency funds to those more in need, i.e. those of color. That is actually a racist comment.

It is the Democrat way of thinking. Screw the people that worked hard their whole life for their vacation home that she assumes are white and senior. Screw them all. Give the FEMA funds out to people of color. And why wouldn’t people of color be rich? That’s what she’s assuming. They aren’t rich, so the government will help them. I wasn’t shocked at all by her comment as it had a familiar ring to my friend Robin Hood’s comment.

Apparently, we were all born with a silver spoon in our mouths. But that is the farthest from the truth. Both my husband and I were raised in what would be considered lower middle class families by today’s standards. They pinched for money and rarely got to save any. They shopped at Sears, Penney’s, and Montgomery Wards. When I think back, I realize how poor we really were compared to children of today–sewing my own dresses in High School and wearing the same shoes over and over. I bought clothes with my babysitting money and was so happy for my first stonewashed pair of jeans. Never owned a car until after high school that I purchased on my own at a used car dealership. Bring out the violins. But even though we had less, I’d never think to loot a home in a fire ravaged community. It’s sick. And anyone that condones looting is sick.

With a Democrat friend like mine, who needs enemies? I wonder if she carries a license with that mouth?


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