2 thoughts on “Real Evidence of Rising Food and Restaurant Prices.

  1. It’s a lot worse than most people realize. We have some friends that operate seven burger stores. Two years ago they were rolling in money, new Jeep Rubicon and Corvette in the garage, her business car is a Porsche SUV, his business car is a Ford F150 with all the bells and whistles. He told me a couple of weeks ago they are barely hanging on. All those fancy toy cars are gone, they are now down to her Porshe and his F150. He said their wholesale food prices are through the roof and the quality of the meat has gone downhill. They have worked like dogs to establish their business and they are being killed by inflation. Nice reward for all of those long hours of hard work. I didn’t mention the strangling regulations imposed on them by Kate Brown which make it almost impossible to manage employees. Their dream has been turned into a nightmare by the Democrats.

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