A Red Wave will Wipeout the Green Rave.

Red Wave.

Or at least slow it down until we take over in 2024. The days of whine and losses will be a thing of the past. AOC and Biden’s war on fossil fuel energy will suddenly be reversed with a GOP win in the midterms causing the stock market to soar. Gas prices will drop like a rock. Food prices will get back to normal as well as the cost of other items. Crime will come down as we’ll impeach the corrupt DAs and Homeland Security Secretary and fire those at the FBI and AG for dereliction of duty. The invasion at our border will come to sudden halt, and we’ll send back those here illegally. We’ll crack down on drug cartels killing our youth.

Police will gain respect again and criminals will stay in jail. Teachers will teach reading, writing, and arithmetic rather than CRT, white privilege, and gender confusion. Women’s sports will be just that, for women only, not men trying to be women. The military will stop trying to be a social justice program. Interest rates on our loans will come down. Recession will recover fast and inflation will slowly dissipate. All after a Red Wave.

Now I know this is an optimistic prediction of what a Red Wave will bring, but I truly think it is possible. Look at the alternative. Without a Red Wave, we’ll have more of the same, only worse. The leaders will think they have a mandate to continue the Green Sham Deal and the Jan-Sham Committee. All this stuff is draining our economy and will eventually bankrupt us.

So when you go to the polls whether you are a Dem or Republican, just vote GOP all the way down the ticket to save our country from the street thugs, mass shootings, police ambushes, falling stock market, invasion at the border, increased homeless, and rising costs of living. Vote like your life depends on it. It does.


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