This is a Candle. If You See a Wildfire, You’re Racist.

The point is, the Democrats don’t want us to believe our eyes. A destructive street riot by BLM is a peaceful protest. If you disagree, you’re racist or a right wing extremist. Gas prices are coming down, guns are the cause of rising crime, and masks and vaccines prevent the spread of covid. If you disagree, you’re racist or right wing extremist and could be fired.

Banning abortions will cause the deaths of many women. If you disagree, you’re racist or right wing extremist. Defunding the police will bring crime down, the border is closed and secure, and the covid virus pandemic came from a wet market in China. If you disagree, you’re racist or right wing extremist. Migrants being bussed to NYC is inhumane, smash and grab crimes are due to racial inequities and the pandemic, and white supremacy is the biggest threat to America. If you disagree, you’re racist or right wing extremist. Get where I’m going? I could go on and on.

And Biden’s latest and greatest: Gas prices have been high for four or five years. If you don’t believe that, where have you been?

Whatever the Democrats tell us, we have to believe or be labeled racist, cancelled, or banned. Yesterday Pelosi tells us Biden has done a remarkable job as president far exceeding all presidents before him. If we don’t agree (which no one with eyes or ears would), we are racist or right wing extremists. They think if they say it, the gullibles (also known as The View) will fall lockstep in line and believe it because, after all, it is being said by the third most powerful person in the country. How could she be lying? For that matter, how could Kamala and Biden be lying? But astonishingly, they are ALL lying to We the People. Hey, they got away with it for four years under Trump and got 50 “intelligence” agents to back them up. It worked for them. Why quit now?

They convinced millions of people that Trump was racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic, and homophobic (is this politically correct?) none of which was true. They convinced millions of people that Trump peed on a bed in a Russian hotel, told people to drink Clorox, said Nazis were good people, colluded with Russia to steal the election, was xenophobe for banning flights to America during covid and racist for building the wall, and that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. And, lastly, that his tweets were mean.

Let’s have a dose of reality and stop being manipulated by The Left. Put them in their place when they tell you black is white and white is black. Stop being a doormat or walking on eggshells. We’re sick of their lies. The media has turned us all into compliant wimps that go along just to get along like they do. Speak out whenever you have the voice. Don’t be muzzled any longer.

And cross your fingers and toes that we win in November so we can call a wildfire a wildfire, not a candle.


3 thoughts on “This is a Candle. If You See a Wildfire, You’re Racist.

  1. You have given a lot of good thoughts, which are not only true from your point of view, but also from my point of view. ๐Ÿ‘ Thank’s.

    Sie haben sich viele gute Gedanken gemacht, die nicht nur aus Ihrer Sicht stimmen, sondern auch aus meiner Sicht. ๐Ÿ‘ Danke.

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  2. Their power is starting to fade. More and more people are standing up and fighting back, telling them what they are saying is not true. It really began when Don Lemon started trying to insert a slavery narrative into the conversation with an English scholar, who promptly put him in his place. Then in the days following, more examples happened, and it’s growing. Tucker Carlson is clearly leading the charge, and he’s being joined by a lot of other brave folks. I think the pendulum is slowly swinging to the right once again.

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