Normalizing Gays, Transgenders, and Interracial Dating.

More and more in ads and movies, I see a portrayal of women being attracted to other women, couples being interracial, and transgenders being cool, especially in Obama-owned Netflix and Lifetime Movies. I also see every white gal having a black girlfriend and one gay guy friend. Now maybe this is the new trend in Gen Z’rs; but it wasn’t the trend in my day, and I don’t see it in real life so what’s really going on?

I know for a fact that Biden is trying to normalize gay, transgender, pedophilia, and interracial couples and dilute the population so we are all people of some color or another. Why else, aside from recruiting Democrat voters, would he leave our borders wide open? Blue eyes will be rare and blond hair will be a thing of the past in future generations. He also really loves drag shows so much that he is investing our hard-earned taxpayer dollars in promoting such in other countries. What a weirdo.

I think the more the media shows gay, trans, pedo, and interracial life styles, the more young kids will think they can make a choice to choose a male or female of any age as their partner in life. Biden will be decriminalizing statutory rape, incest, and child molestation sometime soon at the rate he is going. After all, he releases murderers from jail the next day.

Whatever happened to physical attraction just being organic, something you don’t have to be brainwashed into feeling? I’ve never been attracted to the same sex nor could a movie or tv ad change my mind. So why all the attempts at changing the minds of young kids early on, even as young as grade school by introducing gender confusion? Does the government want our children spending the rest of their lives in therapy? Are they using this as a means to reduce our population? Are they invested in psychiatry? Most sex transformers end up with buyer’s remorse and want it reversed. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Let’s break this down: Why does the government (or at least Biden) want a society of confused youth wondering who or what they should love? What could be the reason? So they can easily brainwash them into voting their way? Is Biden a closet gay or pedophile that is resentful that his way of feeling is looked down upon? That could be one reason. But why does the media have to follow in suit with his deranged way of feeling? So they can use this useful idiot to push their climate change agenda? Could be. But what does the gay community have to do with climate change? Nothing really. One’s about the oceans warming, and the other’s about same sex relations in a warm bed. No relationship. But both want the government to believe in them. One, to get the same benefits that a married male and female get; and the other, to get rid of fossil fuel altogether.

So the end result will be gay or interracial couples or both driving EV cars that take over the country leaving all the rest of us old-fashion thinking heterosexuals stuck home with our gas-guzzling vehicles and our opposite-sex, same-race partner with confused children with no means to fuel our cars. What a world we are heading for under Biden. But without our own oil, our country will be bankrupted before the unaffordable, good intentioned EV cars energized by China-made batteries can even be produced.

Vote Republican all the way down the ticket to end this madness.


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