Obama Compared an Asteroid Hitting Earth to Biden.

In a very inarticulate way Obama was trying to compare how Republicans feel about Biden policies but he slipped up (unbeknownst to him) when he compared them to an asteroid threatening our existence (which is very true). So he says if an asteroid was heading to Earth the only solution Republicans have would be to cut taxes. A few useful idiots laughed in his audience as they missed the nuance of his gaffe.

Let’s face it, the Dems are desperate and will do or say anything from now until election day. They have nothing good to run on so they chose to attack the GOP. Hmmm. I thought when we go low, they go high. That was another one of their lies. They go low all the time.

Oprah even endorsed Fetterman while stabbing her old friend Dr. Oz in the back. I thought the left loves doctors, only when they’re Dems. She is an idiot who endorsed Obama, Hillary, Biden, and hates Trump even though she used to be friends with him. With a friend like Oprah, watch your back if you’re not a Dem. She’s fake, phony, and no better than Whoopie. All she really ever did was kiss up to guests to increase her pocketbook.

The Dems are trying to amp up the fake stories about violent political unrest on the right while it’s those on the left committing all the violence–shooting a bullet into a candidate’s home, slugging a candidate, destroying works of art in the name of anti-oil, stabbing a volunteer, defacing corporate offices, running over a volunteer, leaving threatening gory messages on candidate’s phone and others. But do you think the FBI will investigate these crimes? No. They only care about threats by the illusive MAGA who haven’t made any threats. And, frankly, don’t exist. Biden even linked Paul Pelosi’s hammer boy toy to a right wing MAGA. Nice try, Slow Joe. If he was anymore left, he’d be AOC.

Some nimrod on The View said white suburban women who vote Republican are roaches voting for Raid, to an audience of laughter. Wow! Another deplorable moment from the left. Hillary thinks Republicans have no solutions to increased crime. But we do. And notice how she conveniently ignores the cause of increased crime. We should keep felons behind bars and stop releasing them out to commit another one, and close our borders by enforcing laws on the books. Fire the DAs endorsed by Soros. And stop fanning the flames with hateful rhetoric. She also says we’re instilling fear in people rather than really caring about safety. They just want to scare the public. Is this the best closing argument the desperate Dems have? If so, they better go back to the well, as Ted Cruz once said.

I sure hope the general public can see through their desperation, especially Biden’s and Obama’s.


2 thoughts on “Obama Compared an Asteroid Hitting Earth to Biden.

  1. The Democrats are showing their true colors in the hours of desperation. They are lying, making vile personal statements about their opponents which only shows how low class they really are. I can’t help myself, thinking the Pelosi attack was a staged event, to help the Dems paint the Republicans as extremists. Are you aware that the attacker’s posts on social media were done on the day of the attack which had references to right wing ideology? Previously, no references to right wing politics were ever entered. In my opinion it has a very bad odor. Why were the Capitol Police in San Francisco? Are the Capitol Police federal agents like the FBI, free to roam to remote locations? These people have way too much power.


  2. No I hadn’t heard that he posted right wing ideology that day. Sounds like a CYA by the FBI again. I think it was their October Surprise gone wrong. And the left won’t stop blaming MAGA for it. Outrageous.


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