Angry Biden Pledges “No More Drilling or Coal Just Solar and Wind Power.”

This is his closing argument to the voters. He even bent over and whispered it in true Biden fashion much to his handlers’ chagrin. He figures none of his other arguments have stuck. Not abortion, not democracy, not MAGA extremists, not lowering the deficit, not infrastructure bills, not tuition payoffs, not his strong as hell economy, not his lower inflation than other countries, not Obama and Bill lying for him, not his packing the court, and not his codifying Roe v Wade. Nothing was working. So he went back to the well and dragged out his old tired “No more drilling and an end to coal in our country” leaving mouths wide open in shock.

He knows his time is up and wants to be remembered in the history books as the First Green President. Greener than Obama was. One that enacted more Green Policies that didn’t work than any other previous president. Does Biden realize that when it snows, solar panels don’t work? Yet he wants us all to go solar? Does he realize that when turbines freeze in an ice storm, they don’t work? Does he also realize that when there is no wind, they don’t work? Does he realize that coal industry provides much of our electricity which EV cars run on? Yet he wants to eliminate coal? This guy is no scientist. He’s also not much of a politician which is a real insult.

So as the price of goods rise higher and higher along with our gasoline costs, he wants them to rise even more by eliminating drilling and coal altogether. Not a very smart thing to say to struggling families of either party two days before an election. The only ones pleased with that comment are the climate change activists that destroy works of art. I don’t even think AOC bought that closing argument as hers was always phony just to garner attention. She never believed it.

Nice try, Biden. I notice you promised to “veto” any bills coming from a GOP congress. Guess you see the writing on the wall after all. Guess what? We’ll veto you for allowing an invasion at our southern border. Be careful what you threaten. Any more great ideas that you think will change the minds of the voters? How ’bout mocking the violence on the New York subways? That’ll work.


3 thoughts on “Angry Biden Pledges “No More Drilling or Coal Just Solar and Wind Power.”

  1. Climate and Abortion are far left gods they bow to. The problem for them, is that those issues are barely on the minds of most Americans. Most Americans are way more concerned about how they are going to heat or cool their homes and make next month’s mortgage and car payment. Dems are so far away from reality, it’s hard to believe.

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