Recent Coverups That Have Disappeared from the News.

More and more I feel like We the People are getting fed a line of BS by the media, police, FBI, authorities, and this administration. There are many unanswered mysteries that just seem to disappear like in a magician’s hat. For instance, why have we not heard any more about what really happened to Paul Pelosi? We saw the attacker get indicted but what really happened? The police have bodycams of what went down, but we never get to see them. We never heard from the hospital regarding Paul’s injuries which was very suspicious. We got their spin that the attacker was looking for Nancy to tie her up, but who believes that story? Was it their October Surprise before the election to blame J6 type activists to bring pity on Nancy and keep her around?

Another mystery is: who placed the pipe bombs near the capitol building on January 6th, and why wasn’t the National Guard brought in afterwards? They have video tape of the young guy or gal and videos from where he/she originated from, but we never get to see them. But the story has died over time like all the other mysteries. Was it an attempt to place blame on Trump supporters that went bad? These are rhetorical questions, of course.

Another mystery that seemed to fade into the sunset was who leaked SCOTUS’s decision on Roe v Wade prior to the ruling? Was it done by a Democrat legal aid to get their drones out in arms prior to the midterms? Notice no investigation has been done although it was the first time in history that the SCOTUS had a leak. Interesting. Another story that has no resolve.

We have hundreds of questions about election night 2020 that have never been resolved and no one seems to care. Too many suspicious things went on and were even caught on tape that no one wants to explain. The authorities just would rather sweep that election night under the carpet, never to surface again. We know what really happened, but it will go down as another unexplained mystery.

Seth Rich was another mystery that the police failed to investigate. Someone told them it was a private matter and should be left that way, same as Paul Pelosi’s attack. Will we ever know who killed Seth Rich? He will go down in the history books along with Marilyn Monroe. As a reminder, he was the Democrat campaign worker who sent Podesta’s internal emails about Hillary to Wikileaks. Never turn on the Clintons and expect to live.

Then there was the death of Supreme Court Justice Scolia who seemed to die in his sleep at a hotel. Was his death so that Obama could choose a radical justice to replace him while he was still in office? We never got to the bottom of that death. There seemed to be a coverup that no one wanted to investigate. But the result was the shifting of power in the Supreme Court.

Another mystery that always bothered me was the timing and assassination of Bin Laden. Why was he quickly buried at sea without a proper DNA done on him? Why was he assassinated rather than arrested and brought to trial like we did with Saddam Hussein? Not our typical method of operation. But who knows? With Obama, Biden, and Hillary in charge at the time, it seemed to be orchestrated at a time when they needed some good PR. But that story was quickly put to bed once they got their accolades.

But the biggest and most atrocious mystery of them all was who was behind the release of the Covid 19 Virus onto the world in an election year where Trump was winning hands down? Who authorized the Gain of Function of the virus in the Wuhan Lab? Who paid for these biowarfare studies in the Wuhan Lab? Was the release accidental or on purpose and why haven’t we held China responsible for the deaths of millions whether it was accidental or not? And why weren’t we allowed in to investigate early on before all the evidence and witnesses were destroyed? Why has Fauci’s wealth gone up exponentially since the vaccines came out? Most of these are rhetorical questions.

I know there are many more coverups and mysteries of recent that have conveniently disappeared from the news. But notice they all involve the Democrats and not the GOP. Why is that? Another rhetorical question.

UPDATED 11-19-22

One more newsworthy item that mysteriously disappeared from the news. “Swedish and Danish authorities are investigating four holes in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines that link Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea and have become a flashpoint in the Ukraine crisis.” Notice how the media quickly dropped this story? Makes me think our country was involved or at least an oil activist which Biden condones.

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