Don’t be Surprised if Bankman is Found Dead by “Suicide”…

if he returns to the U.S.

We all remember how Jeff Epstein was found in his jailcell hung by orange sheets with his cellmate conveniently moved, guard on break, and video cameras off before he could name names to lessen his sentence. Well…don’t be surprised if friend-to-the-Democrats and climate-change-sympathizer Bankman is silenced by the same method if he returns to the U.S. After all, he has got the goods on all the Democrats that he and George Soros helped to win elections in the midterms with huge donations. Huge donations to one party aren’t typically a crime, but when the money came via the U.S. government to Ukraine back to FTX then into Democrat candidates’ coffers, that’s a little fishy especially when Biden approved of billions in aid going to help Ukraine, i.e., Biden donated our money to help Dems in the midterms. But the Democrats conveniently had Bankman arrested in the Bahamas so he wouldn’t be able to be interrogated by Congress under oath. This is the modus operandi of the Democrats.

Where is Snowden? Snowden leaked documents on the NSA’s collection of huge amounts of data passing through U.S. internet companies. He also released details about the classified U.S. intelligence budget and the extent of American surveillance on foreign officials, including the leaders of U.S.-allied countries. He’s now a Russian citizen as he knows if he came back to the U.S., he’d probably be killed. And authorities here are perfectly happy that he stays there.

Where is Julian Assange? The theory claims Seth Rich, a 27-year-old Democratic Party staffer murdered in what police call a street robbery gone wrong, leaked tens of thousands of unflattering private emails regarding Hillary to WikiLeaks founder Julian in 2016, supposedly upending the U.S. presidential race and leading to the resignation of senior party officials. Assange is being held in prison in London and does not want to return to the U.S. to be interrogated. The authorities here are perfectly happy that he stays there.

Why are these informants afraid to return to the U.S. and why don’t we extradite them? Because they have the goods on the Democrats and the Democrats have a funny way of making them disappear like they did to Epstein, Ozwald, Rich, and many others. Sam Bankman, although a creepy, greedy nerd, best remain in the Bahamas if he knows what’s good for him. There are many more that should be arrested linked to his fraud, and he knows where the bodies are buried. Silencing him is SOP-standard operating procedure for the Democrats.

And why were some of the so-called smartest people in Hollywood, like Larry David, so easily taken in by this doughy Jewish boy? Oh, I forgot, he’s a climate change guy and Jewish so why not give him our money? Dems stick together and sometimes get burned. How much did you lose Larry? You should have curbed your own enthusiasm. I notice he was enamored with Hillary and Ltd. Vindman in some recent episodes. Doesn’t he have enough scruples to not fall for those two? Shame on Larry David.


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