Microsoft Online News Banned Me from Comment Section Indefinitely.

Here’s what’s happening:

If you comment online on a news article and the screeners behind the scenes do not agree with your opinion (which is really what it is just an opinion), they begin to monitor you. After days of monitoring, they finally ban you from posting any more comments. You could write “It’s a sunny day,” and it will be banned. They wrote, “You are indefinitely banned from posting!” I’m not even allowed to click on a thumb’s up icon or a heart.

This is the definition of suppression of free speech and conservative speech. I feel like my rights are slowly being taken away from me little by little. Now I know how the twitter members felt when they got banned. At least I am in good company and on the right side of history. I never wrote vulgar comments, misinformation, impersonated anyone, or bullied unlike what I read the left was posting about Trump and conservatives. And Speaker McCarthy is their new target calling him McCarthyism. What the left is able to write about Trump is atrocious, yet it remains with no screening or monitoring. This is where our country is going. The left is controlling all media, online, social media, and opinions. Conservatives are not allowed to voice their opinion.

Microsoft, google, control those news sites and should be ashamed. Now we know how Trump feels when they lie about him. And boy, oh boy, do they reprint negative articles on Trump every day. They are obsessed with him. Yet nary an negative article on Biden. Only positive ones. They claimed all sorts of things about my comments, none of which were true. I was writing the truth which apparently Big Brother wants no part of. They don’t want their minions reading the truth, and trust me, most of them have no idea what is going on in this country. They appear to be clueless, but I never called them that. If they asked for details, I tried to enlighten them.

Conversely, I was called fascist, domestic terrorist, fool, and many other degrading and sexist names. But those comments were left untouched by the screeners. Fair? You do the math.

In general, after reading many comments, the left still believes Trump colluded with Russia, is in bed with Putin, stole secret documents to sell to our enemies, incited an insurrection, tried to change the results of the 2020 election by raiding the capitol claiming police died that day, handed over a broken border and high gas prices to Biden etc. etc. In other words, they have bought all the lies Biden has told.

Our country is in trouble when we have Big Brother screening our online comments that contain no vulgar language or misinformation, just the facts, ma’am.

Here’s the rules that I apparently broke:

  • This is a place for considerate, inclusive discussion. Everyone here has the right to participate free of:
    • Harassment
    • Bullying
  • Two people sending commentsBuilding trusted community means respecting others and showing up authentically:
    • Don’t impersonate someone else
    • Respect other people’s privacy
    • Don’t share content that you know is or suspect may be misleading or false
  • Two people; one of them is sending a comment, other one is sending a reaction.Abusive or illegal conduct are not acceptable here. Do not post:
    • Violent content
    • Illegal activity
    • Risk to self or others
    • Abusive language
    • Hate speech
  • Two people shaking hands.Finally, respect the community, and do not post:
    • Material that violates the rights of others
    • Spam, viruses, malware or phishing

Never did any of the above yet got banned from commenting. And they won’t allow one to appeal their decision. What kind of world am I living in? This is distressing to me. It must have been a comment claiming there was voter fraud. They really hate it when folks claim that. But are sure proud to claim Biden got 81 million votes. That comment remains without any disclaimer attached to it. I was the one bullied by the left online with hurtful names, yet those commenters are allowed to stay. Double standard rears its ugly head again.

So glad I sold my Microsoft stock when the pandemic came, and Bill Gates became a scientist and now is the authority on the truth.


4 thoughts on “Microsoft Online News Banned Me from Comment Section Indefinitely.

  1. Anything they don’t like is immediately label ‘hate speech’ and banned. So blinded by their own ignorance and bias that they fail to realize that THEY are the fascists. God help us.


  2. Commenters were allowed to call me a domestic terrorist, fool, naive, blinded, fascist and Trump an orange idiot, criminal, liar, insurrectionist thief, etc. etc. and they don’t get banned. I wrote “Sleepy” Joe and they came for me. This is a scary world now.


  3. This is why I am trying out Truth Social and Rumble. Just opened my page on Truth Social last night. Still exploring and finding out how it works. Find me on TS @DodgeWC51. It seems to be a very friendly place. DJT is quite active with comments.


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