FBI’s Modus Operandi: “Best Defense is a Good Offense.”

In other words: Accuse President Trump of what Biden, Hillary, or any of his opponents are guilty of. This has been going on now for six years. It started with the Russia Collusion Hoax. Hillary was in fact guilty of paying for the Steel Dossier which fabricated a dirty Russian story on Trump which then sparked a three year long special counsel investigation of Trump at the cost of 35 million taxpayers $$$$ while he was trying to run the country.

Then the Ukraine quid pro quo accusation. That was a big nothing burger, but why did it surface in the first place? Because it was all on tape that Biden held back aid to Ukraine unless they stopped investigating his son’s company, Burisma. And Son of a B it stopped. That was the real quid pro quo, not Trump’s phone call congratulating Zelensky and asking him to look into the Hunter story.

The next good offense used by the FBI was after two years of antifa and BLM rioting in Portland, Seattle, Minnesota, and other left-run cities costing billions worth of damage, they suddenly cared about a patriotic riot at the capitol building, and we all know how that went. A fake 1-6 Committee was formed trying to mirror the Warren Commission comparing the rally to 9-11, Pearl Harbor, JFK assassination, and other horrendous moments in history.

So you see, whatever they have done or are guilty of doing, they get ahead of the story (good offense) and accuse Trump of something similar.

That brings us to the present. We all remember when Trump had his Mar-a-Lago home unprecedently and unnecessarily raided for classified documents. This raid came out of nowhere which is suspect as to why. Now it seems clear, they were trying to blame Trump for what Biden had already done. But Trump had the right to remove documents as long as he declassified them just as Obama and Bush have done, and the FBI had already gone through his guarded storage shed and asked him to put a padlock on it. So, the raid was staged to make Trump look bad, i.e. good offense.

What prompted the raid now appears to be the discovery of Biden’s unsecured classified documents that he may have been selling to China and others for millions. This story goes much deeper than just a few boxes of memorabilia found in his garage sloppily dumped next to his Corvette. And why are Biden’s lawyers the ones discovering these boxes? Must be because Biden knew they’d come out now that The House has promised to investigate the FBI. The tables are turning.

This guy is up to his eyeballs in corruption, yet he had the gall to call Trump irresponsible on national tv. And Joy Blowhard said we all know Trump is a liar and a thief and the audience clapped. When was he a liar or thief? Oh, because the left says so. He lied about a rigged election and stole documents to sell to our enemies. Sounds more like Biden than Trump. Trump’s so-called lies were mostly innocent jokes that the humorless media never got. Like when he claimed he had hamburgers stacked up to the ceiling for guests he had at the White House. It was a joke, but the media called it a lie.

So, the FBI went on offense and released Biden’s documents prior to them being discovered during discovery making it appear more innocent. Notice how they are calling them “inadvertently misplaced.” Nice try.

The FBI knew of these documents prior to the midterms and possibly prior to Biden’s run for president, but they’re all in the coverup together. The news anchors can stop asking, “Why didn’t this come out prior to the election?” That is a rhetorical question and actually starting to sound stupid to even ask. Stop it, Hannity. We know the answer.

So, AG Garland appoints a special counsel to investigate these newly found six-year-old boxes of classified documents in Biden’s possession, but the special counsel is a sidekick to Chris Wray and was an integral part of the Russian Collusion Hoax, i.e. the fix is in. But conversely, the special counsel they appointed for Trump’s document review is a well-known on-record Trump basher also involved in the Russian Collusion Hoax. Biased much? That fix is in too.

This is just another coverup by the left-controlled DOJ and FBI. The House needs to investigate the investigators before they come for Trump. In short, Biden’s run for office in 2024 is now a dumpster fire and Kamala are Newsom are licking their chops. Trump’s run has been tarnished as well, and DeSantis is licking his. Don’t get too comfortable DeSantis, they’ll come for you too. But remember whatever they accuse you of, they are guilty of themselves because that’s their M.O.


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