Is Everything a Coverup These Days?

I’m old enough to recall the assassination of JFK then witnessing the subsequent murder of Oswald by Jack Ruby live on our RCA black and white tv. This had a lasting effect on me. I knew then at the age of 13, something was up. From that day on, I believed in conspiracy theories and was already a fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s conspiracy movie Vertigo and writing short mystery stories with a twist at the end.

I believed Paul McCartney died in a car crash and was replaced by the winner of a look-a-like contest and, therefore, why The Beatles broke up. All the clues were in the Abbey Road confessional album, if played backwards. Very clever, I thought as I sat in my Nob Hill apartment playing my vinyl album backwards by hand and my roommate asking what the heck are you doing? Still not sure if the Paul that dumped beautiful Jane Asher and married a photographer is the real Paul.

But what I do know is that the government has ways to bury stories like a body on the beach if they don’t want the general public to know. I’m pretty sure we landed on the moon, but the movie Capricorn One put doubt in my mind and scientists still are. Then the coverup by Ted Kennedy after his vehicle drove off into a body of water drowning his secretary. Very suspicious to me at the time. And as it turned out, nefarious; but Ted wasn’t held accountable.

Mysterious things were happening in government and seemed to be becoming more commonplace. The death of Marilyn Monroe suddenly became skeptical years later. She apparently had an affair with JFK, and the government needed to cover it up. She was found dead at the age of 36, a year before JFK was assassinated. Did the government need to eliminate her to secure JFK’s future reelection? We’ll never know, but Hollywood has made movies about her murder too. Lots of conspiracies circling around the Kennedys that was for sure. The media liked to call it bad luck, as I recall. The Kennedy family was cursed and other weird comments. Sometimes bad luck is bad karma or was it a coverup? But we didn’t have as many conspiracies and coverups as we do today.

Then came the Clintons and when I really became interested in political conspiracies. There was suspicion swirling around Vince Foster’s death and the spin machine over Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, Broderick, and Monica Lewinski’s stories. The Clintons both lied on national tv about these women. That’s when I became a Republican. It seemed Bill was following in JFK’s footsteps as far as the womanizing goes. These women are lucky to be alive, IMO.

Sure, Nixon had a coverup of a break in at the Democrat Headquarters that hit the airwaves and is still being called “worse than Watergate” today. That’s where “the coverup is worse than the crime” phrase began. If a GOP does a fraction of what a Democrat does, it gets much more negative news coverage. Things were pretty quiet during the Bush years as far as political coverups except for Weapons of Mass Destruction and then came Obama. He had more coverups than Max Factor.

We’ll never know the real truth about Obama. Was he born in the U.S.? Did he really have two children born to Michelle and him? Was Osama Bin Laden really killed by Seal Team Six or just some dude with a beard; and, if so, why the burial at sea without taking his DNA and the subsequent death of many of the Seal Team Six in a dubious helicopter crash? Then there was the Benghazi terror attack coverup and the ensuing deletion of 33,000 emails (some between him and Hillary) and the questionable murder of Seth Rich who was a whistle blower at the DNC office which eventually led to Trump’s campaign being spied on by the FBI at, none other than, Hillary’s request. Do the math.

Of course, we’ve always known that the 50 “intelligence” agents that signed a letter saying Hunter’s laptop was Russian Disinformation was in fact a coverup for Biden and Hunter so he could win the election against Trump. This was after the Covid 19 virus miraculously came to America on an election year that Obama and Fauci invested our U.S. dollars in. All suspicious, all covered up by our deep state government; and the media is just catching up.

This brings us to today where we have the biggest crooked liar in history running our country and the FBI, DOJ, CIA are running interference for him. Notice how most of the conspiracies have been committed by Democrats? We let them get away with this kind of stuff for years and now it is commonplace for them to coverup and lie with the help of the media. They’re good at it. It’s the one thing they know how to do.

This story of documents found in Biden’s garage, library, offices, etc. is much bigger than just sloppy ol’ Joe not giving a crap about papers he stole from the White House. These papers are possibly what he’s been selling to our enemies like China. And what about Hunter’s $49,000 a month rent he pays Joe? If that isn’t a clever, yet red flagish, way for the Big Guy to get his take, I don’t know what is. And don’t tell me his wifey doesn’t know about the $49,000 a month income from Hunter. If she doesn’t, she’s dumber than I thought. Check Joe’s tax returns as he has to claim rental income.

Follow the money, GOP. That will uncover the truth about the Biden Crime Syndicate family. Hiding in plain sight is Joe’s M.O. No one would think to look in a cardboard box in the trunk of his Vette or on the floor of his garage camouflaged with junk. But, of course, in a locked designated storage room at Mar-a-Lago that is guarded by the secret service, that’s the place to raid! But we all know the DOJ is covering for Biden as they allowed his personal lawyers (that have no security clearance) to search for documents. Wow! Trump’s lawyers were kicked out of Mar-a-Lago during the raid of his home. So, there’s the big difference.

I could go on and on with conspiracies over the years and today; but the point is, we are seeing more and more of them of late and that is disconcerting to me. If everything’s a coverup in government, what’s not? So, as we watch Karim Jean Benet (or whatever her name is) tapdancing at the daily press meetings, just know that she was hired to run cover for Joe and his scandals. And if anyone argues with her, they are called racist, sexist, antigay. She checks all Biden’s boxes except for the “competence” box, but that works in his favor. The media can blame her for his incompetence. And, surprisingly, it is working. All the pundits are saying how stupid she is, but not blaming Biden.

Rules for Radicals: Choose someone dumber than you to represent you in public. Works every time. Obama did it when he chose Biden. And Biden did it when he chose Kamala and Karem whatever. Joe is doubling down on his incompetence when he says he has no regrets. Another Rule for Radicals: Never admit fault.


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