“90 Minutes of Lies”…

was the best recap of Joe’s speech that I heard last night. Joe thinks everything is going hunky dory in our country. Ice cream for all! But unfortunately he is living in his own world. A world of “best of this and best of that,” “first of this and first of that,” “highest of this and lowest of that” which seemed to fill this hot air bag’s speech. He was so full of himself that he tried goading the Republicans by claiming they want to cut Social Security and Medicare much to his chagrin when they clamored back at him.

He also finally claimed that fentanyl was a big problem like it had just occurred and as if he had no idea why. One Republican yelled, “You caused it!” much to my glee. Best moment of the night aside from McCarthy laughing at one of his lies. I was home alone and able to yell at him freely; luckily, I didn’t have any fruit to throw at the tv as fruit has gotten too expensive lately under his presidency.

Joe delivered his speech by speed reading coupled with slurring words and shouting with fingerwagging before one could decipher what he just said. He tried to equate Paul Pelosi (who was seated in the audience conveniently wearing a hat to cover his fake injuries) to 1-6 riot with the audience clapping. Paul was congratulated and asked to stand. So, the whole hammer incident was staged to give sympathy to Nancy who Biden also claimed was the best Speaker of the House ever. No mention of the fact that Paul’s attacker was in the 1-6 crowd filming just as Nancy’s daughter was. Hmmm, Interesting. If he was a Proud Boy, he’d be in prison now not drinking with Paul while Nancy was out of town. Just saying.

I kept waiting to hear his excuse for the Chinese balloon which spied on our country for seven days, but there was no mention of a balloon just hot air coming out of Biden. He took so many victory laps for false claims that I thought he’d have someone hand off a cup of water. Joe filibustered throughout the speech about insulin to the point of ad nauseum, lied about hamburger flippers getting NDAs, and credit cards companies charging too much for late fees. Trivial crap and lies used to waste time rather than discuss international and domestic topics of concern. I wondered how he would even know about credit card fees when Hunter pays all his credit cards and bills. Neither him nor his doctor wife know how to balance a personal budget at home, yet they are in charge of our national debt. It is absurd. And the interest rates on credit cards have risen due to the FED raising the interest rate under Biden causing mortgage interests to rise by four points since Biden took office. Where was that discussion? Janet Yellen and Blinken looked like POWs sitting in the audience. Everything is hunky dory under Biden. Ice cream for all!

No mention of critical race theory, BLM and antifa riots, police getting ambushed, suppression of free speech, violence in our streets, illegals crowding our cities adding to the homeless, gender ideology being pushed on children, war on fossil fuel except that this dictator will allow fossil fuel for ten more years. Thank you, our masterful leader! One popular refrain of his was our job isn’t finished and I will veto it!

All in all, his speech was cocky, arrogant, angry, off topic, out of touch with reality, and not unifying like he claims to be and caused my blood pressure to rise i.e., 90 minutes of lies. Conversely, Sarah Huckabee Sander’s rebuttal speech was calm, coherent, and truthful. Truthful is a word that Joe has never been acquainted with.


2 thoughts on ““90 Minutes of Lies”…

    1. I shouldn’t have. He was pumped up on some drugs making him talk really fast and slur but also made him mad and cocky. Why was his wife kissing Kamala’s husband on the lips? Something’s up there.


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