Barney Fife Called. He Wants His Look Back.

And this guy wants to be president? You’ve got to be kidding! Who would vote for him? The same people who put Biden in office? I’m convinced now that the Democrats have the worst taste in what qualifies someone to be president. They have to check identity diversity boxes first and how many languages one can speak then every other quality goes out the window. And what the hell are Venn Circles? I had to look them up. Wow! Kamala is losing it as fast as Biden has.

Let’s face it, folks. The Democrats act like know-it-alls. But reality is, they know nothing. I’m sure you have run across of few of them. They’ll say they are going to support Newsom or Buttigieg for a presidential run, yet these voters know nothing about how our government runs. In fact, as Reagan once said, “The Democrats know a whole lot about stuff that’s just not true.” And they force it down our throats daily.

For Buttigieg to blame the Ohio train derailment on conductors needing more vacation time (like he takes) or Trump’s regulations on brakes is laughable as Biden has reversed every regulation Trump put in place. He’s been in office two years but somehow that regulation slipped their minds? Amazing. Why did the EPA shoot holes in five of the trains? To turn a simple derailment into a chemical disaster that they can run on in 2024. You know when Joy Blowhard is reading talking points from the White House, this is their plan. PERIOD.

Buttigieg needs the Boot. Pothole Pete, as he is whimsically known, could care less about a city that mostly likely voted for Trump. So he runs his department through the vision of what will gain them politically, not on how to help Americans. But he missed the mark this time just as Barney Fife would have. The public sees through his lies and excuses.

Vote all the bums out next time! Stop electing socialist politicians to represent your states. You get what you deserve when you vote Democrat, and you keep repeating the insanity. Look at California, New York, Washington, and Arizona. We look like a Third World Country based on the way these states appear with tents, feces, needles, garbage, and homeless lining their streets. It is, frankly, the most disgusting demise of our country in U.S. history thanks to liberal policies.


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