20 Questions the Media Must Ask Biden Prior to 2024 Run.

In no particular order:

  1. Have you ever taken a simple cognitive test at the doctor’s office which involves drawing a clock on a whiteboard with a time given you and remembering three words given you earlier in the exam?
  2. Are you currently taking dementia meds; how often and at what strength?
  3. How many times in the past year have you fallen down?
  4. Were you or have you ever been involved in your son Hunter’s business transactions with other countries; and, if so, did you receive compensation whether under the table or via money laundering? Are you preventing the DOJ from investigating Hunter?
  5. Were you notified by the FBI prior to the 2020 election that they were in the possession of Hunter’s laptop containing suspicious content; and, if so, what did you tell them to do with it?
  6. Were you aware that Twitter, Facebook, and MSM were suppressing news of this laptop prior to the 2020 election; and, if so, was this at your or the FBI’s request? If so, have you weaponized the FBI and DOJ?
  7. Why did you lie during a national tv debate that the laptop was Russia Disinformation when, in fact, you knew all along it was Hunter’s as the FBI had it in their possession for nine months?
  8. Who do you know asked that former CIA and Intelligence Agents write a letter confirming it was Russia Disinformation?
  9. Do you really think that the 2020 election wasn’t rigged in your favor? If so, how many fraudulent votes are acceptable to you?
  10. Do you approve of ballot harvesting, drop boxes, and mail in ballots without proper ID?
  11. Are the rumors true that Susan Rice and Obama are running the show at the White House and not you? If so, why do you think one American should vote for you again? Why does your press secretary keep misspeaking, “President Obama” instead of Biden?
  12. If America goes to all electric vehicles in the future like you propose, how will the electrical grids across the nation be able to sustain the increase in use especially during a heatwave or snowstorm? Is this just a pipedream? Where are all the charging stations you promised?
  13. Is wind, solar, and battery power efficient during an ice storm? If not, what should consumers do to stay warm and power their vehicles? Wood burning fireplaces are taboo too.
  14. Have you thought through the unintended consequences of the green energy bills you are trying to promote?
  15. Why are you promoting transgender rights? Do you think men should compete in women’s sports and use their bathrooms? Do you think children should be thinking about their gender in grade school? Do you approve of gender change surgeries in the military?
  16. Are you compromised with China; and, if so, were you involved in the gain of function of the covid virus unleashed on the world prior to Trump’s reelection? Why won’t you punish Communist China for killing millions and getting away with the crime of the century?
  17. Did you, Nancy, and the FBI conspire to start a riot at the capitol in order to take the focus off of the states that were in the midst of rejecting their electoral votes?
  18. Why have you divided the nation down racial lines when you promised to be a uniter? Why won’t you punish BLM and Antifa that have broken laws, yet go after peaceful patriots that oppose you? Why won’t you release the Capitol rally goers from prison and stop saying a policeman was killed that day?
  19. Why do you continue to say that your son Beau died in the Iraq War? And why was Jill kissing Kamala’s husband on the lips at the SOTU address?
  20. Since you reversed all Trump’s energy and border control policies, do you regret it now that we have the worse border crisis in history and have depleted our energy reserve? Why won’t you declare the drug cartels at our southern border as terrorists?

I admit, most of these are leading or rhetorical questions; but remember the questions they used to ask Trump during the debates which were all leading? I’d like to see our media, especially FOX News, give one of these questions to Biden at a press conference or during a debate and watch the audience’s jaws drop. I’d also like to see more Democrats come out and oppose Biden in the primaries. What are they, a bunch of cowards? Looks like it. Or do they think Biden is best at cheating so why not keep him in the race? And where’s ol’ Hillary? Why hasn’t crooked Hillary come out to oppose Biden? Surely, we can get more than Marianne Williams. Step up to the plate, Dems! Your leader is a proven corrupt, compromised cheater. Cheater can’t be a leader.

Welcome Robert Kennedy to the campaign. Anyone on the Democrat ticket but Biden. Hopefully we can get more qualified candidates to run in the Democrat party. Ones that aren’t compromised or corrupt. Not you, Newsom.


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