Joe Brags About Being a “Dull President…

that after fifty years in politics is only known for his Rayban sunglasses and eating chocolate chip ice cream.” Don’t you see what he’s doing? He’s trying to look like an innocent politician that could have nothing to do with years of selling out his country to our enemies. He knows he’s compromised. We know he’s compromised. They know he’s compromised. Everyone knows he’s compromised. He has committed treason with the help of our FBI.

The FBI has been covering for him for years because they didn’t want Trump to stay in office. They conspired with Hillary to keep Trump out of office; when that didn’t work, they helped to conspire to rig the election in Biden’s favor.

We all know Biden cheated to get in office. He knows he cheated. We know he cheated. They know he cheated. Everyone knows he cheated. He has committed election fraud with the help of the FBI.

So what are We the People going to do about it? We tried to show our disappointment on J-6, but we got set up in another one of their shams. So what do we do now? Not sure.

In the meantime, please don’t fall for this pitiful attempt at making himself a dull president that has never done anything remarkable while in elected office least not selling out our country. Do not fall for it. This is all he has left to run on since his whole presidency has been about turning our country into a third world country and making China rich. He will go down in history as that being his accomplishment. Everything he touches from the economy to safety to dignity to world affairs to the border to health to schools to the second amendment gets ruined. He has ruined our country.

Those on the left who give him false praises and cover for him should have their heads examined especially his press secretary who gets paid to lie. Their day of reckoning will come.


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