We are Living in a Democrat World.

And I am not a Democrat girl. Case in point, when I made an appointment for a routine mammogram which I do each year. Well…this year was totally different. The girl on the phone asked questions normally meant to be asked on paper when you arrive prior to the appointment. But not this year. She asked if I had implants.

“Of course not!” What a weird question to ask over the phone by a stranger. But it is part of a bigger plan. Then after a few more routine questions like if I was having any pain, etc., she finally said, “I have one more question. What pronoun do you associate with?”

“What are you talking about? What a stupid question. I’m not even answering that,” I snapped.

“But we are required by the government to ask this,” she quibbled.

There’s the rub. This crazy government that sets these weird rules upon us little by little. Soon it will be the norm.

I still said I thought it was a dumb question and the phone went silent on the other end. I finally broke the silence and said, “I’m getting a mammogram so do the math.” Still silent on the other end. “I guess men could get one too; but that is not the norm, as they have different hormones. Mostly females get them.”

“So, I’ll mark you down as female?”


This is what is going on. The technician was trying to see if I was a tranny so they could get the appropriate technician to do the exam possibly a guy to screen a guy. Biden is causing so much trouble for the country beyond what he even realizes.

When Obama was president, the law said we had to have a cognitive test once a year, drawing a clock and memorizing three words said at the beginning of the exam. I don’t see Biden drawing a clock or memorizing three words. If he tried, he would flunk. These rules are just for the rest of us, not the elite.

Listen, we need to object to every new rule these morons lay on us. The more we object, the more they’ll get the picture, hopefully. For some reason the health care system is very obedient to the left’s rules. Not sure why. Probably to get Medicare to pay for all the nonsense they put us through.

The next time someone asks me what pronoun I associate with, I will say, “Me, myself, and I.” All three pronouns. If they don’t like it, tough. Rephrase the question to be, “Are you a tranny crossdresser?”

‘Cause we are living in a Democrat world,
And I am not a Democrat girl.
You know that we are living in a Democrat world,
And I am not a Democrat girl.


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