So Let’s be Clear: Every Time Trump Speaks the Truth, He’ll Get Sued?

The lady who falsely claimed Trump assaulted her in a dressing room wins $5 million and now the host of CNN thinks she deserves the same? She verbally assaulted Trump with slanderous comments, lies, and misinformation throughout the whole town hall where Trump wasn’t even allowed to finish a sentence. She deserved to be called a nasty person. She was rude and nasty for trying to set Trump up.

None of the so-called facts that she had were right. She tried to get Trump to say the 2020 election was honest, which it wasn’t. She tried to get Trump to say he was on Russia’s side of the war, which he isn’t. She tried to get Trump to admit that he asked his followers to attack the capitol, which he didn’t. She argued with him incessantly. Trump said he asked that the National Guard be sent in, and she said, “No, you didn’t.” She also said Nancy was not in charge of the capitol police. Another lie by her. It was like arguing with a five year old that didn’t know anything. Very frustrating.

The audience was clearly on Trump’s side and clapped whenever he got the better of the host. She adamantly said Pence had no legal right to overturn any of the electoral votes; and Trump said he did according to the constitution. Then Trump said they subsequently have changed that rule to make sure a VP cannot overturn future electoral votes. She argued that they made the rule stronger. Trump said yes, stronger now that the VP can’t overturn as they could before and the audience clapped.

She was losing every argument. She tried to make it sound like Trump used to cage children coming into our country and he retorted that the cages were set up under Obama. “No, they weren’t.” She also tried to make Trump change his mind about the Access Hollywood comments, but Trump said it is true if one is rich and famous women LET you do things which means consent. “Will you change your mind on that comment,” she asked. “No, I’d be lying. It is true.”

This banter went back and forth for the whole time. She wouldn’t even let him finish a question from the audience without interrupting. Why not let him finish then come back with your so-called fact checking wrong responses? She deserves all the backlash she is getting as you could see her visibly fuming while the audience clapped for Trump. I thought Trump held his own and set the record straight about the woman accuser who has a cat named vagina. He called her a whack job which she is.

The host had egg on her face so much, that is why she wants to sue. They’ll probably demote her at CNN as she holds no credibility now. Did a terrible job. They might as well have had Hillary or her daughter up there being the host. Hosts are not supposed to be biased to one side. She was extremely biased and had to insert herself throughout the whole time. Sueing Trump for giving honest answers sets a bad precedent for other elected officials. She’ll never get to interview or host any GOP again if she sues. Biden called Doocy a stupid, son of the bitch. Can Doocy sue him for defamation now? This is getting out of control.

Trump said our country is being run by stupid people. That is true. Does that mean everyone in the administration can sue him for defamation? Better be careful as Trump has a whole of list of people who have defamed him beginning with Comey, Strzok, Page, Clapper, Brennan and everyone on CNN and MSNBC including Leslie Stahl. Let the lawsuits begin.


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