Biden Has a Short Fuse and a Short Memory.

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Two qualities making him unfit for president. What kind of a president loses his temper during a debate and says, “Shut up, man!” or “You’re a racist!” or “I don’t need to listen to this clown.” So childish. What kind of president can’t remember that during his primary debates he agreed to ban fossil fuel and fracking? And after that he is on tape saying, “Look into my eyes. I will ban fracking!”

Now suddenly he is saying that Trump lies about his stance on fracking? Proofs in the tapes. Play the tapes. Same with Kamala. She said “There’s no question that I’m against fracking.” So these two are pandering to the people and trying to play both sides of the fence. They want the moderate vote and the green new deal vote. That doesn’t work. People can figure that out. All they’ll end up getting is the low information voters‘ vote which is half the college students. Yesterday when interviewing them they know nothing about the supreme court, how many members, names of the members, or what their job is. All they know is about Roe vs Wade. This is what college is teaching.

Now Kamala refused to answer her stance on “packing the court” during her debate and went into an animated history lesson about Honest Abe. Problem is, historians for the Lincoln Center have never heard that history lesson. So Kamala made it up. How can you tell when Kamala is lying? She’ll start out with a laugh and smile throughout the lie. Reason Abe did not choose a supreme court justice prior to the election was because the congress was not in session; and during those days, they couldn’t just hop a plane and come to D.C. They waited until December to vote for the nominee. So she lied. And why do the Democrats always quote Lincoln who was a Republican? Answer: because they want the folks to think he was a Democrat. History revisionists.

When Biden said yesterday that Trump is packing the court. This is a bold face lie. How can you tell if Biden is lying? Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie or plagiarized. Trump is doing what the constitution allows, and the definition of packing the court is going over nine supreme court justices. Trump is just replacing the ninth member who passed and this number has never changed in 150 years. Biden should be ashamed of himself for this lie. But he doesn’t know how to tell the truth. He still repeats the Charlottesville lie.

Biden also said the only people that care about his stance on packing the court are Trump supporters and they don’t deserve to know his stance. Not true. He also said that since people are voting NOW that they are deciding who the next supreme court justice will be. Also not true. Just because there are a lamebrained bunch of people sending their vote in due to covid, this doesn’t negate our supreme court justice formalities. Everyone should care about ruining our Supreme Court and all deserve to know Biden’s stance.

Let’s face it Kamala and Biden are trying to pull a fast one on us. They think they can drag out their positions on issues until after the election? I…don’t…think…so. Biden wants to jack up capital gain taxes to 39.6%! This raises taxes for every senior living off a retirement plan or sale of rental properties. And he says he is only raising taxes for those making over $400,000. Big fat lie! We won’t stand for that. He talks about caring for seniors but all his ideas hurt seniors from raising our deficit trillions of dollars, to eliminating our old gas driven cars, to giving Medicare for all even illegals, to open borders, defunding police, raising corporate taxes, free colleges, free preschool, and many other hairbrained ideas all of which will bankrupt social security and deplete Medicare.

Remember who is looking out for everyone no matter your age, status, gender, color, or religion. It’s Trump. Trump is the most transparent president in history. What you see and hear is what you’ll get. If you don’t like his tweets, look at his feats. He tweets because he loves the people and wants them to know the truth.

The media and sometimes even FOX News is complicit in the coverup of Hillary’s collusion with Russia and the FBI to take out Trump. They are also covering for Biden and Harris and their 180 degree changes in positions on issues. The Debate Commission is biased along with all the moderators. Biden lied in the debate and barely got called out; that is why Trump needed to intervene. It is a national disgrace. Worst I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching since Kennedy vs Nixon debates.

Unless the debates become more evenhanded, the Debate Commission gets impartial members, and moderators have no ties to either candidate, we will see more of the same: Biden blowing his fuse and short on memory, neither of which are presidential. And Trump setting the record straight. Trump stands up for himself as he will stand up for our country. Unlike Romney did during his debates against Obama.

A vote for Trump is a vote for pursuit of happiness not unhappiness like the Democrats are promising. Be careful what you wish for if you vote Democrat. You’ll never live to see global warming under a Democrat rule. You’ll die from anarchists taking over your cities and suburbs or from just plain old poverty. Democrats’ promises of union jobs is a canard like it was under Obama. Jobs such as these will go to China under Biden. Biden owes China, and China owns Biden.


Cat Demonstrates How Pelosi “Threw Trump Under the Bus While Overseas.”

We watch daily as the media and Democrats attempt to throw Trump under the bus or, in this case, down the stairs metaphorically stabbing him in the back with cruel comments like he’s involved in a coverup or he should be imprisoned or he embarrassed us on the world stage. All lies, but still damaging to the president.

This cat demonstrates how vindictive the media and Democrats can be.  It makes you laugh at first, but there’s clearly an underlining “mission of hate.”  Cats are curious, sly creatures much like the lion.  They are out for blood just like the Democrats are. The better Trump does, the more vindictive and jealous they get.

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They couldn’t let Trump have a successful, presidential visit with the Queen.  They tried to upstage the “good” news by slandering him back home.  Nancy is losing it when she says she wants to see Trump in prison.  She’s acting exactly like this cat–push him down when he’s clearly doing well.  Change the narrative at all costs.

There used to be decorum that our leaders followed.  They weren’t supposed to slander a president while overseas representing our country.  That is gone and is obvious the Democrats are desperate by breaking this rule.  The media in England treated President Trump with respect, yet our papers and media back here looked for any lie and spin they could conjure up.

It’s a disgrace. When will the media start reporting the truth? When will they stop being biased against our president? When will they treat Trump as they treated Obama?  Why do they push him down at every turn?  I know these questions are rhetorical but someone should ask them regardless just to make them squirm.

Cats are curious creatures but sometimes they get themselves stuck up in a tree and can’t get down.  The more they investigate Trump, the more likely they’ll be stuck up in the tree in 2020.

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