Cat Demonstrates How Pelosi “Threw Trump Under the Bus While Overseas.”

We watch daily as the media and Democrats attempt to throw Trump under the bus or, in this case, down the stairs metaphorically stabbing him in the back with cruel comments like he’s involved in a coverup or he should be imprisoned or he embarrassed us on the world stage. All lies, but still damaging to the president.

This cat demonstrates how vindictive the media and Democrats can be.  It makes you laugh at first, but there’s clearly an underlining “mission of hate.”  Cats are curious, sly creatures much like the lion.  They are out for blood just like the Democrats are. The better Trump does, the more vindictive and jealous they get.

adorable animal blur cat
Photo by Kelvin Valerio on

They couldn’t let Trump have a successful, presidential visit with the Queen.  They tried to upstage the “good” news by slandering him back home.  Nancy is losing it when she says she wants to see Trump in prison.  She’s acting exactly like this cat–push him down when he’s clearly doing well.  Change the narrative at all costs.

There used to be decorum that our leaders followed.  They weren’t supposed to slander a president while overseas representing our country.  That is gone and is obvious the Democrats are desperate by breaking this rule.  The media in England treated President Trump with respect, yet our papers and media back here looked for any lie and spin they could conjure up.

It’s a disgrace. When will the media start reporting the truth? When will they stop being biased against our president? When will they treat Trump as they treated Obama?  Why do they push him down at every turn?  I know these questions are rhetorical but someone should ask them regardless just to make them squirm.

Cats are curious creatures but sometimes they get themselves stuck up in a tree and can’t get down.  The more they investigate Trump, the more likely they’ll be stuck up in the tree in 2020.

photo of cat climbing on tree
Photo by Peng Louis on

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