Hillary and Chelsea Are Going Hollywood!

empty char near pink screen
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

“Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea may be going Hollywood.

Sources confirm to The Hollywood Reporter that the former presidential candidate and her daughter are exploring the the idea of launching a film and television production company. The goal, sources say, will be to focus on stories that revolve around women.”

They also plan to produce a few remakes of old films.  The following is a list of new titles to the films they plan to explore:

  1.   “Broadcast Fake News”
  2.   “Fatal Unattraction”
  3.   “What About Bill?”
  4.   “Mrs. Doubtwinner”
  5.   “Shallow Hillary”
  6.   “Cast Aside”
  7.   “On The Whitewater Front”
  8.   “Raging Bullshit”
  9.   “All The President’s Women”
  10.   “Liar Liar Pantsuits On Fire”
  11.   “Basic Stink”
  12.   “Good Willie Hunting”
  13.   “Close Elections Of The Third Try”
  14.   “You Got Emails”
  15.   “Demolition Woman”
  16.   “Dirty Hillary”
  17.   “Primary Fear”
  18.   “27 Dress Slacks”

                                      That’s a wrap!  🙂

    black and white production scene take tool
    Photo by Obregonia D. Toretto on Pexels.com

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