First Cher…now Bill Maher? Is This a Sign That Hollywood is Fed Up With Liberalism?

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Say it ain’t so!  First Cher says we need to help our own before helping illegals, and now Bill Maher says liberals hate political correctness and are tired of talking on eggshells.  He also admitted on national TV and to his liberal audience that Hillary destroyed her cell phones with a hammer and deleted subpoenaed emails and that’s obstruction of justice. I’m sure this is the first time some of his followers ever heard this fact. When did this light come on? Never thought I’d see the day.

I thought liberals loved political correctness because they’re always correcting me.  Oh, you can’t say that any more is their favorite phrase. But secretly after schooling the rest of us, they hate it?  This comes as quite a shock to me.

Thank you Bill Maher (who I never agree with) for revealing this little secret and telling the truth about Hillary.  Trump is the poster boy for being politically incorrect.  He started his first election debate saying that he doesn’t care about political correctness and that our country loses at everything.

Maybe Hollywood is seeing the writing on the wall that Trump is going to win again, and they’re trying to save face before the next election.  Maybe they’re tired of what their governor is allowing in their state, like free healthcare to all illegals in the name of compassion.  Whatever it takes. Treating people who break the law better than the rest of us, is not going to sit well with the voters, even Hollywood leftists now it appears. The NIMBY’s are feeling the walls closing in on them as the homeless get closer and closer to their backyards.

Now if we can lasso the loony, activist Allysa Milano and raving Deniro into thinking this way, we’ll really have come a long way baby.  But I won’t hold my breath.

The country has gone too far left and believes too many lying politicians in Congress. How do I know this?  Because Hillary got more than one vote for president.  Anyone with half of brain would have seen through her foibles.  She was corrupt; or as Trump called her, crooked Hillary–the perfect nickname.  Those that knowingly voted for a crooked candidate should be ashamed of themselves, but they’re not.  They’re doubling down and resisting.  Turns my stomach.

Why do Democrats and the left media put villains like John Dean, Avanati, Brennan, and Clapper on a pedestal?  I often wonder.  Maybe it’s to make themselves look better?  Or maybe birds of a feather really like flocking together.  They’re all corrupt.

The kangaroo House hearing yesterday was nothing more than another attempt by the House to tarnish Trump before the next election.  John Dean repeating that Trump is the worse president since Nixon over and over was nothing more than theater. Remember just because they say it often, does not make it true.  They’ve taken a playbook from Hitler, yet they call Trump a Nazi.  Classic projection.

It’s going to take a lot to stop the incoming missiles aimed at Trump before the next election.  It’ll get worse and worse as they get more and more desperate to win.  Their candidates are all lying losers so far.  And none of their lies are sticking on Trump. They may have to resort back to their original “p-ssy grabbing” Access Hollywood claim.

I still worry this is part of a bigger plan to throw in Michelle at the last minute to save the day.  No one can touch her when she’s out of the limelight.  But she does has influence as they are part owners of Netflix and have a lot of influence on the movies being made and infiltrated into society–slowly but surely brainwashing the youth of America.  And now Hillary wants a go at movie production.  Yuck!  Birds of a feather do flock together.  But when the shit hits the fan, they’ll sing like canaries.

Michelle was behind the coup d’ tat of Trump just as much as her husband was.  Let’s not forget that.  She’s a devious one.  Don’t be fooled by her big fake smile.  Her roots are in radicalism just like her phony husband.  And they’re out for revenge.

I went off track.  Let’s keep an eye on Hollywood to see if they really are coming around to conservatism.  I’d like to see it.

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