“Something Has to Give!”

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Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.com,   https://ollivves.com 

Like the saying says, the House, activist judges, Democrat Governors, and our colleges are incentivizing illegal behavior and something has to give!  The Stanford sailing coach who accepted and handled the bribes for Stanford gets off with no jail time just a fine and community service!  Since when is it legal to accept bribes?  California Governor is allowing illegal foreigners to receive full health care benefits and apply for driver’s licenses.  Since when is it legal to sneak across our borders and why are we incentivizing this behavior with benefits?

Matt Albence, ICE Deputy Director says, “As long as you continue to incentivize [new word] illegal behavior, it’s the height of idiocy to think you’ll get any less of it.” The House of  Representatives are incentivizing foreigners to come to our country illegally by refusing to pass immigration reform laws to protect our borders from this mass invasion.  Now these invaders are coming from as far away as Africa into Texas.  What rare diseases are they bringing here?  No one seems to care. When is someone with commonsense going to stop all this crazy behavior? Something has to give!

If the Republicans don’t take back the House, keep the senate, and get a win for Trump, we’ll all be doomed.  The left talks about our country ending twelve years from now due to climate change but the biggest threat to our country really is Democrat law makers, activist judges, and liberal professors. They will be the ruin of this country.

If you don’t follow politics and what the liberals are doing to this country you may fall victim to their trap and vote for a Democrat candidate who offers goodies like free college, Medicare for all, taxing wealth, and forgiving college loans.  Listen, nothing in life is free.  If it is, then it’s not worth getting as someone else will pay for it.  It’ll come back to hurt you in other ways with job losses, increased prices, cheapening the value of a college degree, and rising state tax.  Voting Democrat will be the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your lifetime. Be afraid of what they’re offering, be very afraid.

The latest buzz phrase from the left and their ilk is: “No one is above the law.”  They and the fake news are repeating this ad nauseam this week as they are pushing for impeachment of Trump. With that said, I guess that phrase doesn’t apply to the college cheaters, Smollett, Hillary, and all the illegals coming across the border.  How they say this shit with a straight face never ceases to amaze me, including Hillary who’s the poster girl for someone who’s “above the law.”  The height of hypocrisy.

Today they’re calling the salacious dossier against Trump “foreign disinformation.”  But they ignore the fact that it was paid for by Hillary and used to get warrants to spy on Trump and the impetus for the Mueller Probe!  It’s outrageous what they’ll say and what they’ll ignore.  And when Trump said he’d “listen to another country” who knew something about one of our candidates for president, he may have misspoke, but he hasn’t done it!  This was what Obama and his crew are guilty of doing and the left ignores it.  Trump knows that Ukraine and China have got the goods on Biden and our country needs to know about it.  Something has to give! 

If something doesn’t give soon like the real criminals that rigged an election for Hillary getting punished, then we’ll have a constitutional crisis on our hands.  Russian Hoax, Spygate, Mueller sham, rigged election–whatever you want to call it–it all happened but the left and shaking Pelosi are ignoring it and trying to turn the tables back onto Trump. They’re still saying President Trump is involved in a coverup, collusion, and now making an appalling unpatriotic statement. 

I can’t stand to listen to their lies much longer.  It’s getting out of control.  Shaking, sweaty Pelosi is actually saying “follow the money” to see why Trump is trying to make “fair trade” deals with other countries. If we follow Pelosi’s sweaty money, we’d all be enlightened.  More projection by the left.  They accuse Trump of what they’re involved in and their sycophant reporters eat it up. Garbage in, garbage out.

woman sitting on the road eating froot loops
Photo by Criativithy on Pexels.com

Something has to give! And soon!

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