Build Back Different, But Not Better.

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I always wondered what their slogan Build Back Better meant as Trump had already built the economy back the strongest in 50 years prior to covid. So how could anyone do it better? They can’t. But now we know they want to do it different. They will callously end jobs paying $90,000 a year and ask us to move and find a new career that is less profitable. Not better for these workers, worse. Not better for our country either. But the new cabinet members are certainly quoting this weird phrase, we’re building back better over and over. All in the name of climate change. It’s a campaign slogan that is based on a lie! Will Biden start wearing BBB hats? After all, he’s a copycat president.

Apparently as long as you quote “climate change” any bill they pass is good. How will shipping oil across the country in trains, trucks, and ships help the climate? Wonder if there is a train accident and oil spill? Pipelines don’t have oil spills as they are mostly underground. Diesel trucks spew fumes that pollute. So this theory is bunk. How will purchasing oil from our enemies help keep us free from wars? It won’t. They want us to be free of using oil altogether but many products are made from oil aside from gasoline so we need oil.

Our electric grid which powers our new electric cars requires coal. Yes, they want coal to be fazed out too. Then there’s fracking which is another way of obtaining oil and gas and not popular among the left. Many jobs in these industries will be affected. And they hate nuclear power which is the cleanest for the environment. Bottom line: They want to remove all our means of power in order to rescue us from climate change. Solar and wind good, oil and gas bad. So the horse and buggy, lanterns, wood stoves, washboards, and clotheslines will soon be in vogue. Buy those stocks.

We all know that solar panels are expensive for homeowners to purchase. Some states they aren’t even recommended due to snow, high winds, and other weather elements. How do they work under three feet of snow? Probably not so well. But John Kerry says pipeline welders, construction workers, and engineers can go make solar panels. Better choice he says. He might as well have said, Go pound sand. They can’t force homeowners to purchase solar panels. So who’s going to buy them? Cities and states to put on land for their energy grid. But solar panels can be made cheaper in China putting American companies out of business, remember Solyndra? So who’s really going to be working making solar panels? China.

They are doing exactly what they did in 2008. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result. We can expect more of the same as the Democrats have no new ideas. They are stuck in the past on climate change or global warming or whatever Al Gore called it. They never do. All they do is tax, spend, and lie. Remember Joe promised not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000. Hee, hee, hee. Hope no one fell for that. They think printing money and throwing it at a problem will make it go away.

Most of the problems we are experiencing today like unemployment, rioting, school closures, and vaccine distribution are caused by our liberal governors. That’s on them. They chose to shutdown their states to hurt president Trump before the election which escalated all the above. Some companies have been hurt for too long to reopen. Some of their employees have given up hope. We need to replace Newsom and Cuomo as they ruined their states and residents are fleeing. Oregon, Wisconsin, and Washington are close behind.

These problems could be a quick fix if Biden passed some more executive orders like opening up the schools and businesses without conditions, making it a priority to vaccinate those over 65 first, and keeping rioters jailed. Again the stock market is down as it secretly doesn’t like Biden which is really Obama running the show behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz.

Things We’d Like to Kiss “Goodbye” in 2021.

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Let’s start with hoarding toilet paper. Come on, man! Then we’d like to say adios to loners walking or driving with masks on. We’d like the mask Nazis at the storefronts to find a new job. Let’s see an end to “sorry we’re closed” in front of restaurants. Let’s say vamonos to those colorful cloth homemade masks on women’s faces. They’re ugly. Pelosi is not a fashion icon. And the grocery store arrows, lines, and distancing needs to go.

We’d love to see Twitter get shutdown. Conservative censoring on Facebook needs to go or they should be open to lawsuits. New York Times along with CNN should just hang it up. They aren’t news sources. Dominion software should be banned from our country along with voter fraud.

Goodbye to mail-in voting which should be considered the biggest mistake since the Edsel, Pinto, and the Corvair. The Pulitzer Prize should just be discontinued as it has lost all its esteem when they gave it to those who covered the Russia Collusion fake news story. Disgraceful!

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We’d love to say arrivederci to AOC and the squad together with Nancy Pelosi at the helm of the speakership. Wouldn’t it be nice not to hear them squawking daily on the news? We’d also love to see less of Joe Namath, the Pillow Guy, Pat Boone, and Tom Selleck on our tv screen. Come on, man! We loved you once, but let it go. Retire already. And that other actor who wants us to buy gold or silver, not sure which.

Love the term “packing the court” to go by the wayside together with “defunding police and eliminating the electoral college.” Love to say vamonos to zoom schooling and zoom office meetings. Love to hear less of Dr. Fauci’s scratchy voice on the air. Love to kiss Governor Cuomo and Newsom goodbye, not literally though. Love to see an end to California’s wildfires, rolling blackouts, and shutdowns. Let’s kiss rioting and looting in our liberal cities goodbye.

Love to see the misused and overused words of racist, whistleblower, xenophobic, sexist, and misogynist to come to an end. Also, the groups BLM and Antifa to dissipate and their graffiti to be sandblasted. Love to kiss the plywood goodbye from storefront windows. Love to end the term “stand down” being told to our police.

Just these few goodbyes would make a huge difference in our lives. I’m sure there are more but some of them would be impossible like ridding us with the late night non-humorous talk shows or cowardice supreme court justices. Some things we are just stuck with like an illegitimate president that has mental acuity issues.

And lastly, let’s hope to God the China coronavirus comes to an end! We all have covid fatigue and the rules-that-come-with-it fatigue.

And lastly, let’s get rid of the term “woke.” Hate it and will never say it nor write it. Oops, I just did.

Happy New Year 2021!