Dumb Lemon is an Embarrassment.


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For him to laugh at some oaky nerd make fun of Trump and his supporters on national tv was disgusting. This could be the left’s new “deplorables” moment calling us “rubes.” Remember when you point your finger at us you have three fingers pointing back at you, nerdy guy.  Lemon laughed so hard he cried?  I can’t wait for him to cry on election night this year when Trump wins again and he has to eat crow with egg all over his dumb face on national tv.  No wonder no one watches CNN.

CNN must be looking for some diversion from the Impeachment Trial which is not going their way.  Boo hoo, Lemon, you and your ilk suck.  You report lies every night and bury the truth.  How do you sleep at night?  Must be hard.  Grow a conscience and try reporting the truth sometime or at least do some investigative reporting like Hannity does.  Who would turn on your show to hear lies?  Only stupid Hillary or Democrat voters.  And your guest called us stupid?  Ironic isn’t it?

You guys had it all wrong three years ago thinking Hillary would win, and you still have it wrong.  Trump and his supporters are the smart ones and the proof is in the pudding.  Look at all that Trump has accomplished while being under attack from the crazy left for three years.  It is almost unbelievable.  Today even coming up with a Middle East Peace Plan. Like the Defense Counsel said, “Trump is winning and the Democrats hate it.”

Will Trump be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for at least trying?  I think not.  The left will never award him for nothing, and they’re in charge of Nobel Peace Prizes, unfortunately.  They gave one to Obama for just winning the presidency.  Hmm.  That still irks me.  Usually you have to accomplish something, anything–not just being the first half Black president.  Can a Nobel Peace Prize be revoked?  Just asking.

If Mittens Romney votes to hear witnesses, he’s an embarrassment to the Senate and should be voted out when he comes up for election next.  He always looks like he has a bee up his butt about something.  Collins and the other one are ungrateful embarrassments too as they just want to be seen as fair.  Why don’t they try putting themselves in Trump’s shoes for a change to see if he is being treated fairly.

Stay tuned for the end of the trial.  Still hoping for a dismissal.  If they’re smart, the senators on both sides will just dismiss and take the criticism later.  The left will never be happy no matter what they do, so do less harm by ending the Impeachment Sham.  The Senate has proven that the House has not met their burden of proof.  That’s on them.  If they open it up to witnesses, they will go down a rabbit hole and regret it.


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Dems Resort to Dirty Tricks Like in Kavanaugh Hearing.


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Wouldn’t you know before the second day of the defense in the Senate Trial begins, the known lying New York Times drops a leak of Bolton’s book saying Trump told him he was holding back funds to Ukraine to get them to investigate the Bidens.  Did they get a copy of the book? No.  Did some desperate source call them with this news? Maybe. Or did they just make it up like they have before? After all the Dems looked pretty stupid after the Counsels began their defense on Saturday.  The Dems had to pull something out of the hat before they got creamed any more by the grownups that are now at the table.

The Republican counsels were so organized, mature, calm, collective, and respectful compared to the way the Democrat Managers behaved with name calling, slander, antics, and outrageous accusations.  The difference was night and day.  They resembled The Revenge of the Nerds.  It had to be noticed even by them. They are now so desperate to undermine the Republican’s case with, wouldn’t you know, another leak to the New York Times.  Very Comeyish but not very original.  We’re onto them.

Don’t take the bait, Senators.  They’re just trying to set you up again like Feinstein did during the Kavanaugh Hearing which ruined the Kavanaugh family’s reputation by raking them over the coals.  They will try to get you to call witnesses from Bolton to MulVaney then that opens the barn door to any Tom, Dick, or Harry–extending the trial to the next election. They’ll squeal like pigs when you try to get one of your hostile witnesses like Hunter or the whistleblower to testify so just ignore these dirty rotten scoundrels.  That’s all they are is dirty rotten scoundrels.  They don’t deserve a response. So don’t even go there.  It’s another setup like lying, activist Dr. Blasey Ford tried. Just another eleventh hour hail Mary pass.  Don’t fall for it.

Dismiss all charges after Trump’s Defense Counsels are finished and let’s get back to normalcy.  Deny any requests for witnesses, or you’ll regret it.  Lindsey Graham said there are other ways to investigate the Bidens like in Congress or at the ballot box like we did to Hillary. They’re setting you up for a big stink if you ever called any of the Biden Family to testify.  I can hear them now, “Trump is deflecting his guilt onto his opponent Joe Biden who has been cleared by all. Joe cannot offer any defense for what Trump is accused of.” They’ll try to make poor Joe appear like a victim and then it will be up to Justice Roberts to decide?  We can’t be fooled again.

Dismiss, dismiss, dismiss.