Hillary’s Spygate is the New Hunter Laptopgate.

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The media running from Spygate Story.

Why you ask? Because the main stream media and social media are running from this story like a gazelle in the sight of a cheetah. RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN like we did with Hunter’s Laptop story before the last election, they are saying. They haven’t spent one smidgeon of airtime on Spygate. Not one. If not for conservative networks like FOX, Newsmax, and conservative radio, podcasts, and websites, one would not even hear or read of these outrageous allegations against Hillary.

According to the Appointed Special Counsel Durham Report, Hillary was behind hacking into the Trump Tower computer server during the campaign; and thereafter, his White House server to sabotage him by linking him to Russia. Someone on the inside at the White House had to have assisted in this breach and should be indicted. Whatever tech company that helped with these breaches should be indicted too (Zuckerberg). And whoever led the plan to spy on Trump should be indicted. This could go all the way to the top implementing Hillary, Obama, Rice, Jarred, Clapper et al. They spied and sabotaged Trump in ways never heard of in this country. This was Third World Country corruption and Hillary has her fingerprints and $$$$ all over it.

The FBI and CIA are involved and should be held accountable. The media that hyped ad nauseum Trump’s collusion with Russia should be held accountable as it was influencing an election (Leslie Stahl and Rachel Maddow). Mueller, who ignored facts staring him in the face, should be held accountable and the 30 million $$$$ his team charged should be returned to the government and Trump and his family awarded money for slander, pain, and suffering. Any information that came out of his three-year witch hunt is now considered “the fruit of the poisonous tree” because it was retrieved from an meritless accusation by Hillary and can never be used against Trump, however trivial it was. Garbage in; garbage out.

If Hillary et al could get away with this scandal in plain sight, then they could steal an election and plan a coup at the Capitol Building. They are all dirty rotten scoundrels. They are all in cahoots. I hope this is just the beginning of indictments that should have been served while Sessions and Barr were the AG, but they passed the buck to Durham.


Are Biden’s Draconian Mandates a Sign of What’s to Come?

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Angry, testy Joe.

I suspect we are heading for another national election that allows mail in ballots with see-through envelopes being sent out to millions again. The more covid-fear this administration instills in people, the more likely they’ll go along with another mail in ballot scam by the left.

Biden revels in the news of increased covid cases as it works to his favor. Hospitals are tweaking their covid-positive cases as it works in their favor. Why do you think Biden’s bringing in hundreds of thousands of untested Afghans and millions of untested migrants? It’s to spread the virus.

We are all getting played, and I can’t believe the GOP is allowing it. We have to put our foot down and demand an honest election in 2022. Without election integrity this time, we are doomed to get hoodwinked by the left and all their evil schemes. Just like what occurred in California this week.

When are we going to get smart? Why haven’t bills been written by senators to ban mail in ballots especially in the suspicious states of the 2020 election? Something has to be done. If everyone is vaccinated now, why must we mail in our ballot? What…are we just lazy? I don’t want lazy people electing our senators and congressmen. I want people who care enough about our country to leave the house and stand in a line. It seems the only ones fighting for us are Ron DeSantis, Trump, and Ted Cruz.

I know there are millions of upset Americans about what is going on from Afghanistan, to vaccine mandates, to the border crisis, and inflation. But we are honest Americans who don’t practice to cheat to win an election. We are up against those that do cheat and therein lies the problem. How do we beat the amoral cheaters? We need to enforce the laws that are in place that don’t allow double voting, underage voters, nonresident voters, dead voters, photocopying ballots, discarding ballots, unmatched signatures, and computer tampering. But I don’t think one person has been indicted for voter fraud from the 2020 election as yet.

But many persons have been jailed that were invited into the capitol building by police that were in on the set up in January. Amazing how that works. Rules for thee but not for me. We are, unfortunately, getting played by this administration from all sides. Nothing we do seems to work in our favor. We don’t have any power left. Occasionally the Supreme Court will side in our favor, but it’s not enough. Even the FAA is against us as they have banned FOX News camera drones from flying over the Texas border exposing thousands of migrants amassing there. Isn’t it communism that bans news from the people?

Biden is smokescreening all his failures thus far by enacting all these crazy mandates. He’s punishing red states from getting therapeutic medicines for covid. He trying to take our eyes off the ball of his failures in Afghanistan. Next he’ll be shutting down companies again and closing schools. The guy’s out on a limb ready to break and bringing us down with him. He’s foreshadowing of what’s to come in 2022’s midterm election. He’s covid batshit crazy.


Breaking News! Durham has surfaced. He is indicting one lawyer that worked with Hillary to spread the Russian collusion lie. Really? After all this time only one lawyer that no one’s heard of? Are you kidding me!? Durham got paid for this? What a waste of money. Why not indict the girl behind the Russian Collusion fake news story that cost taxpayers 30 million $$$$? Why not go after Bob Mueller who knew the truth but ignored it and allowed two years of shade hanging over Trump’s presidency? See what I mean? We are getting played even by our own investigators. What is everyone so afraid of?

Fear and Loathing = A Recipe for Disaster.


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The Democrat party is filled with fear and loathing which is a recipe for disaster.  From now on, we can expect just about anything from them as we witnessed last night in front of the White House in Lafayette Park. They want to erase any evidence of American History and start over. Our forefathers are all spinning in their graves for what we have allowed these lowlifes to get away with.

They’ve destroyed statues, stores, cities, monuments, police stations, churches, next will be homes. These goons are jealous, disgruntled Bernie followers, Antifa, BLM (Boisterous Lazy Malcontents), Marxists, and wok females all combined together. Some, if not most, are paid activists; very organized, but stupid.  They don’t really know who the statues are of that they try to remove or the history behind them.  They just do what they are told.  They hate success and hate the rich.  Sounds a lot like Bernie,Warren, and AOC followers which are disciples of radical Obama.

The party that supposedly supports the art community, is destroying works of art daily.  Over 100 statues have been destroyed.  This is not the party that loves art and supports them.  It is quite the opposite.

We witnessed what the Democrats in power tried to pull off the last three years from Russia hoax to Ukraine hoax to a bogus impeachment trial.  This is nothing compared to what these lowlifes will try now that fear and loathing is motivating them.

Wasn’t it coincidental that the covid pandemic came right when the Durham Investigation was winding down?  It had to be put on hold while the country was shut down–no more interviews, no grand jury, no travel.  Very coincidental.  Is there a conspiracy to delay the Durham Report until after the election?  One would almost think so.  But what do I know?

The Durham Report will expose the Democrat Party’s coup to take out Trump from the top down to all the cronies working for the top.  They are shaking in their boots right now as the country begins to open up as well as travel and interviews and will do anything to prevent from opening up even causing havoc all over our cities.

A lot can happen between now and election day.  Hillary is supposed to testify on September 9, 2020.  That will be a good day for all, but she’ll probably come down with covid prior to her testimony which is SOP for her.  If she lies under oath, that’s a crime. If she tells the truth, it will be admitting crimes.  If she takes the Fifth like Lois Lerner, that is consciousness of guilt. I can hear her now, “I don’t recall…I don’t recall…I can’t remember.” That actually can be construed as a lie. But what do I know? She’ll probably choose covid.

Chief Justice, John Roberts, wants Trump out too as he is being investigated for accepting bribes, I heard. If Trump gets out, all investigations will end. Chris Wallace of FOX News seems to be wanting Trump out by the lie-packed questions he asks anyone in his interviews.  Fauci and Cavuto too are working against Trump as well as the Democrat governors, mayors, senators, congressmen, Bolton, Romney, and media. There’s a lot of loathing out there to spread around combined with fear.

Sixty-one percent of Biden voters are voting for him due to FEAR of Trump winning.  This is not a good reason to vote for Biden.  Biden has no platform to run on, no ideas, no policies, no good history of law making, just LOATHING for Trump. Is this enough?  I don’t think so. He’s nothing more than a sock puppet or a place holder, as some say he’ll bow out right before the election.

The media has no sense of humor.  For them to pick out one comment from Trump’s rally when he said covid is called about nineteen different names from Chinese virus to Wuhan virus to Kung-flu proves they don’t get jokes.  I’m sure some on the internet have facetiously named it that.  So he wasn’t making it up himself, just repeating one of the 19 names.  Big deal.  He also joked about slowing down the testing as every time one tests positive (whether they are sick or not) it gets counted as a case.  We are definitely over testing the public. But the lame stream media wouldn’t let up on that remark.  Don’t they realize that rallies aren’t State of the Union Addresses that put the audience to sleep? Trump can’t catch a break from them.

Governor Cuomo (who’s taking the heat for killing so many folks in nursing homes) today outright blamed the Trump Administration.  He said, “Because the Federal Government (Trump) allowed incoming flights from Europe, that’s why there were so many deaths in nursing homes.”  Think about it.  Are there a lot of nursing home folks traveling overseas? No.  How he correlated nursing homes with European flights is a big stretch even for a lying Democrat. But he’s desperate to blame it on Trump because he’s the pick for Democratic candidate for president when Biden bows out.

And does anyone think Bubba Wallace’s incident has shades of the Smollett fake lynching?  I suspect an activist Democrat, possible a black, was paid to place that noose in his space to spread more hate and racism in America.  I doubt if a legitimate racist did this stunt. But we’ll wait and see for the FACTS come out.  More and more blacks are faking attacks on themselves or others of the same race. It has become their SOP.  There’s nothing worse than a fake racist.

So expect the volume of crazy to be turned up to the max from now on. Everyday more and more never-trumpers and their goons will try to pull off something to hurt Trump. They are filled with fear and loathing which is a recipe for disaster.  Like Rush said before, “Believe nothing that you hear in the news from now on”  especially from the lame stream media and only half of what you hear on FNC.  Fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a bumpy election.

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