The Real Coup d’e-tat Finally Exposed.

Trump says the Deep State had planned a coup led by James Comey to take him out if he won in 2016. Trump fired Comey just in time as Comey would have come in and arrested Trump for colluding with Russia to win the election. Trump also says he was spied on during the 2016 campaign and afterwards. Now proof he was framed.

But as most smart people knew all along, Russia Collusion was nothing more than a lie spread and paid for by Hillary and her ilk to steal the 2016 election. Remember FBI Agents Strzok and Page, the office lovers, had an insurance plan in case Trump won anyway. Mueller was hired to investigate Trump while in office for Russia Collusion which turned out to be a hoax. Remember McCain received the Steele Dossier and decided it could be real. Remember Hillary asked a favor of the FBI to back her claim that Trump was colluding with Russia because he jokingly asked Russia if they had Hillary’s missing 33,000 deleted emails during a rally. And never forget Obama’s final words to his cabinet: “We did everything by the book.” Sounds like consciousness of guilt to me.

The left cannot take a joke. They never have and never will. They are humorless.

Now that the Durham Report finally concludes that Trump was framed (which should have come out prior to the 2020 election), it’s time for everyone that got slandered or sent to jail to sue the individuals involved including the media. They deserve to be held accountable for what they put everyone, including the country, through. If not jail time themselves, then sue the pants off of every one of them that conspired to frame Trump, starting with Hillary. Every one of them that slandered the likes of Guiliani, Manafort, Flynn, Stone, and many others that supported Trump.

Worse than Watergate is such an understatement and cliche, I won’t even write it. It is the worst coup in American History with the rigged 2020 election interference in second place and the staged January 6th riot in third place. I’d throw in the pandemic but that’s part of the election interference in my opinion. All of them in it together. All of them corrupt. All of them dirty rotten scoundrels. All of them need to be held accountable! Trump was right all along.


2 thoughts on “The Real Coup d’e-tat Finally Exposed.

  1. We knew this all along, but it just got the official seal of truth from the Gov. We get to feel good for about 10 minutes until we realize nobody is going to pay even a small price for their dastardly deeds. So really, why bother it’s a moot point. Me jaded? Yep. Been paying attention.

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