Biden Finally Cleans Up the Border!

And in one day! So, we know it can be done when he puts his mind to it. BUT, unfortunately, it was only for a PHOTO OP to make it appear to the gullibles that there is NO CRISIS! And boy, oh boy, are there a lot of gullibles out there.

We knew he’d pull something like this. It makes me sick. Him standing around shaking hands with suits, walking slowly looking down like he was concerned, and avoiding the illegals lying in dirt under space blankets freezing their butts off with debris all around. He is a disgrace to the office of presidency. Did he address the fentanyl problem or the drug cartel? No. In fact, he blamed the Republicans for passing off the problem onto him. Bull.

Trump had Stay in Mexico program together with the wall being constructed. He also wasn’t shipping illegals to other states to gain future voters. He didn’t catch and release. He also wasn’t promising incentives for illegals to risk their lives crossing several countries to come to America for free cellphones, welfare, housing, schooling, clothing, and food. He never did that, nor did he ask these illegals to surge our border. Joe wants them to keep coming.

Now I know this is getting repetitive, but the left knows nothing about what we know. They only believe what the hear in school, social media, MSM, and leftwing rags like the LA Times. We have to do everything possible to educate them to the truth.

Now that we finally took the House, we will investigate Secretary Mayorkas and get him fired. We will investigate Director Chris Wray and get him demoted. Maybe he can go to work for MSNBC. We will also investigate Garland and get him arrested. We also need to investigate lying Fauci and have him spend some time in jail for lying to congress under oath. And last, but not least, we need to investigate Biden’s ties to Hunter’s business dealings and his kickbacks that have allowed him to purchase multimillion dollar homes on the beach. Senators don’t make that much, and schoolteachers don’t either. So, something’s up.

Here’s some words that are repeated ad nauseum by the left that I am tired of hearing, in no particular order:

  1. Insurrectionists.
  2. J6 committee
  3. Clownshow
  4. Orange man
  5. Putin’s puppet
  6. Racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, anti-science, white supremacists.
  7. Dictatorship
  8. Seditionists
  9. Fascists
  10. Nazis
  11. Election deniers

When the left gets backed into a corner with no facts to back up their false claims, they always, always, resort to name calling us or Trump. They are obsessed with Trump and won’t leave him alone. Can you imagine they are chanting “Lock him Up” online? For what? Trump knew he won in Georgia, at least he had before the counting stopped but a miracle happened overnight and the cowardice people in charge wouldn’t touch it. Election fraud was just too much for them to comprehend.

So now they want to turn the tables and accuse Trump of trying to commit election fraud in Georgia by flippantly asking the governor to find enough votes to put him in the winning column. He wasn’t asking him to invent votes or counterfeit ballots just find some that hadn’t been counted yet like overseas soldiers or do a recount. And it was tongue and cheek unlike what the Democrats pulled, watermains breaking, card boarded up windows, kicking out the poll watchers, and rolling in suitcases filled with fake ballots after hours and after a change of clothing. The gall of the left accusing Trump of voter fraud is beyond the pale.

The 2020 election was rife with fraud; but whenever we mention it, we are called election deniers. This was the biggest crime in U.S. History, but the left wants to sweep it under the carpet like Biden wants to sweep the border crisis under the carpet. Boy, that carpet is getting pretty darn lumpy as it fills up with the left’s scandals.

Let’s Get a Few Facts Straight.

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I’m hearing a lot of lies in the news lately that need to be corrected, in no particular order:

  1. There was NO insurrection at the Capitol Building. Just because they repeat it, doesn’t make it fact.
  2. Biden didn’t follow Trump’s plan for the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan.
  3. The State Department have not rescued any Americans by land that were left behind in Afghanistan. They had nothing to do with it. Zero.
  4. There was not a successful, courageous mission in leaving Afghanistan. The Taliban won and 13 soldiers died from a suicide bomb. That’s not success.
  5. The Taliban are not working with the U.S. for a peaceful end to our withdrawal. They are terrorists–not allies and can’t be trusted.
  6. Biden’s infrastructure bill includes $350 million for a new study of wildlife road crossing projects that aim to reduce the deaths of animals on America’s roadways. Sounds like a cushy job and a total waste of taxpayer $$$$. This is what they call infrastructure? Maybe put a sign along side the road reading or symbolling “Watch for deer.” Just saved us $350 mil.
  7. In July, Biden asked President Ghani to change the narrative (lie) about the Taliban gaining territory in Afghanistan, i.e. bury the story as it didn’t fit his “pullout plan” labeled “Biden Ends the 20-year War!” No wonder Ghani ran off as he didn’t want to be around for Biden’s sure-to-fail “pullout plan.”
  8. White supremacy is not our biggest threat like Biden and the FBI says. Radical Islamic Terror and BLM are. Be vigilant on the 20-year anniversary of 9-11. This administration has allowed many terrorists into our country.
  9. Joe has no empathy for fallen soldiers or abandoned Americans behind enemy lines. None, zero. He only cares about “the Beaus.” Beau Biden and Bo Bergdahl.
  10. Obama released the terrorists from Gitmo that are now in charge of the new country of Talibania. Taliban let out ISIS terrorists from prison that are now working with them.
  11. George Soros is backing Governor Newsom with 30 million $$ worth of anti-Republican ads saying “Elder is the Black Trump.” Haha…that could backfire on them as we could use a Trump in California to drain the swamp.
  12. Main Stream Media is jumping on a Texas abortion bill and the January fake commission to take the news off of Biden’s failure at our borders and in Afghanistan.
  13. A capitol policeman callously murdered unarmed Ashli Babbitt. She was not a threat to anyone.
  14. Biden left behind 80 billion $$$$ worth of war equipment that is now in the hands of our enemies. Time for the government to order some new equipment. Someone’s making money and Biden will claim, “I rebuilt the military!” Again, stealing from Trump.
  15. The remaining hostages in Afghanistan will have to be rescued by courageous veterans, ransom paid by our government, or resending in our troops. They will not be sent home safely by the Taliban. In fact, our State Department won’t allow Americans and allies currently in planes to take off. Why is that? Because Joe needs to take the credit from private rescuers. Ask yourself, who are the real terrorists, the Taliban or whoever is running our government right now?
  16. Joe Biden’s dementia is getting worse. He has a need to take credit from others and lies constantly. He can’t speak clearly, can’t think, and can’t lead. Everything he touches goes to shit. Yesterday he got heckled by protesters in New York and came to the mic to say they all support me as I’m doing a great job. Something like that. Maybe his hearing is going too.
  17. The coronavirus originated in the Wuhan Lab and many of scientists at the time are missing as well as records. Remember, we weren’t allowed in to inspect at the time. Fauci is a liar and coverup artist. He needs to be fired or arrested. He alone has blood on his hands.
  18. Covid is a serious virus but since it is sticking around, we just have treat it as if it were the flu. We have plenty of therapeutics now. With the flu, we never do anything weird like wearing masks. We are asked if we want the flu shot, wash our hands when getting home, and keep our distance from sick people. We just want to live normal lives.
  19. The presidential election was rigged via mail-in ballots, no matter what the left says. Too much evidence points in that direction despite the Supreme Court refusing to look at it.
  20. The GOP is not trying to prevent people of color from voting like the left is reporting ad nauseum. They want honest in-person elections by legal, of-age, living residents, showing voter ID, paper ballots, with a signature match on election day, not weeks in advance. This has been the way it was done in years prior with no election fraud. This deters election fraud. It’s not voter suppression but rather voter integrity.
  21. We are in a Biden-caused inflation which is not going to be temporary like the left is reporting.

I hope this clears up some of the nonsense and lies we are hearing from the likes of CNN, Biden, FBI, DOD, Psaki, Wynken, Blinkin, and Nod. Last evening CNN said the 2020 election was by far the most honest election in years. It turned my stomach. Remember, just because they say it, does not make it true. In fact, nothing CNN reports is probably true.

Apparently ol’ Joe doesn’t like the term tornado. I guess it’s too harsh for him or not politically correct. What would he like to rename them, “air funnels on land?” Would that be a more kinder, softer name than tornado? Joe is losing it.

And lastly, where’s Kamala…anyone? She’s been noticeably absent, AWOL. Kammie would rather stand with Newsom than next to bumbling Biden right now, and that speaks volumes. And where’s Durham and his lousy report? Does he even exist? He has been threatened, no doubt, and gone underground.

Vote the bums out so we can take back the House and Senate outright! Impeach Biden!

Election Fraud, Wuhan Bioweapon, and Capitol Breach Setup.

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Three subjects which are taboo around libs and the media. One they have labeled “The Big Lie” another “inconceivable” and the third “out of the question.” This administration has done everything possible to bury these stories from bribing the courts, threatening lab workers, and rounding up every conservative that attended the January 6th Trump rally in order to boost their position.

More and more though the truth leaks out just like the Wuhan virus did. Truth will always prevail. Audits in the suspicious states are turning up remarkable recounts in Trump’s favor and fraud against the Biden side in the form of photocopied ballots, nonregistered voters, and dead voters. More and more it is starting to look like Wuhan lab was financed by us in order to create a bioweapon to use at some point. Bats were brought into the lab to use in their experiments. And more and more the way the FBI is only punishing conservatives attending the January 6th rally is proof alone that it was a setup by the Democrats to hurt Trump and his voters. And they are still hurting them. They won’t stop.

Notice how they have not released the name of the black cop who shot an unarmed Trump supporter in the capitol? Notice how they have not released the name of the punk who placed pipe bombs at the capitol? Notice how they have not arrested any Antifa and BLM agitators that came to the capitol to disrupt the peaceful demonstrators? Surely they have found the culprits by now but we are hearing crickets. If they were Trump supporters, they’d be front page news.

We are living in a two-tiered justice system and I’m sick of it. One for the Democrats and the other for Conservatives. Liberals that commit crimes get a pass. Look at Hillary, Steel, McCabe, Comey, Strozk, Page, Clapper, Lerner, Lynch, Brennan, Hunter, Epstein, and Cuomo. They were all given a pass. Conservatives, on the other hand, that support Trump are arrested and given the charges later like Manafort and Roger Stone. Guilty until proven innocent when it comes to conservatives.

Right now the New York prosecutor is combing through Trump’s back taxes in order to find something he did wrong. They are relentless in their attempt to tarnish Trump for any future runs for office. They are scared to death. They have big tech and the media backing them. I just hope Trump is doing things behind the scenes to expose the lot of them for what they really are a bunch of conniving, lying, deceitful, dishonest scumbags.

Never forget the election fraud, Wuhan bioweapon, and capitol breach setup that the Democrats are getting away with. Never forget. Don’t sweep it under the carpet like the media has done.