Election Fraud, Wuhan Bioweapon, and Capitol Breach Setup.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Three subjects which are taboo around libs and the media. One they have labeled “The Big Lie” another “inconceivable” and the third “out of the question.” This administration has done everything possible to bury these stories from bribing the courts, threatening lab workers, and rounding up every conservative that attended the January 6th Trump rally in order to boost their position.

More and more though the truth leaks out just like the Wuhan virus did. Truth will always prevail. Audits in the suspicious states are turning up remarkable recounts in Trump’s favor and fraud against the Biden side in the form of photocopied ballots, nonregistered voters, and dead voters. More and more it is starting to look like Wuhan lab was financed by us in order to create a bioweapon to use at some point. Bats were brought into the lab to use in their experiments. And more and more the way the FBI is only punishing conservatives attending the January 6th rally is proof alone that it was a setup by the Democrats to hurt Trump and his voters. And they are still hurting them. They won’t stop.

Notice how they have not released the name of the black cop who shot an unarmed Trump supporter in the capitol? Notice how they have not released the name of the punk who placed pipe bombs at the capitol? Notice how they have not arrested any Antifa and BLM agitators that came to the capitol to disrupt the peaceful demonstrators? Surely they have found the culprits by now but we are hearing crickets. If they were Trump supporters, they’d be front page news.

We are living in a two-tiered justice system and I’m sick of it. One for the Democrats and the other for Conservatives. Liberals that commit crimes get a pass. Look at Hillary, Steel, McCabe, Comey, Strozk, Page, Clapper, Lerner, Lynch, Brennan, Hunter, Epstein, and Cuomo. They were all given a pass. Conservatives, on the other hand, that support Trump are arrested and given the charges later like Manafort and Roger Stone. Guilty until proven innocent when it comes to conservatives.

Right now the New York prosecutor is combing through Trump’s back taxes in order to find something he did wrong. They are relentless in their attempt to tarnish Trump for any future runs for office. They are scared to death. They have big tech and the media backing them. I just hope Trump is doing things behind the scenes to expose the lot of them for what they really are a bunch of conniving, lying, deceitful, dishonest scumbags.

Never forget the election fraud, Wuhan bioweapon, and capitol breach setup that the Democrats are getting away with. Never forget. Don’t sweep it under the carpet like the media has done.


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