Biden Slurs, Giggles, and Scolds Through his G7 Summit.

Joe Biden 2020: Polls, news and on the issues

“I’m going to get in trouble with my staff” was his repeated refrain. Who the hell is running him… his staff? Biden mispronounced words or slurred through them while giggling inappropriately at his own comments that were clearly not even a little bit funny. He’s no comedian. He constantly placed digs at the previous administration (Trump) in reference to climate change and diplomacy with other leaders. Let’s face it, Biden has nothing to brag about so his “go-to” is to giggle and tear down the Trump Administration. When all else fails attack Trump, seems to be his mantra he learned from Obama.

He was self serving on numerous occasions ( “I propose”) then had to ad the caveat that it is not just him alone. He took credit for the vaccines but threatened that there will be another pandemic. Probably timed right around the next election, right Fauci? We are all onto these frauds, but they continue to pretend they had nothing to do with the last pandemic. He is still pushing the theory that the pandemic came from a wet market. Shame on him. He knows better than that. But he lies.

He said “ecible” instead of equitable. The guy is either a terrible reader or has a speech problem. He called the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence “corny.” “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This is how he really feels.

Reality is, he doesn’t want whites to pursue happiness only people of color. Or at least this is how he is governing anyhow. He doesn’t want the left to think he believes in a Creator either because they don’t. He is punishing small businesses, working people, and retirees but rewarding lazy people that refuse to return to their jobs and those that have entered our country illegally. In Hunter’s emails, he writes the “N” word over and over and the media is burying yet another bombastic story from the racist Biden clan. Biden thinks if he punishes whites, gins up racial equity talk, and chooses a woman of color for his VP, his racist past will disappear. Not so fast. You can’t change what is in writing or on tape.

The last question he took from a reporter, he snapped, “Give me a break!” He is so full of himself with power that he thinks he can say just about anything and the press will give him a pass. He’s a rude, incoherent, double-talking liar. That’s who’s running our country right now. I think his house of cards is starting to tumble though. He’s being exposed for who he really is; and he knows it, thus the nervous giggling like Kammie does. Two frauds in a pod.

Trouble is, giggling may be all the two of them have left to do by the time they are done ruining our country.


4 thoughts on “Biden Slurs, Giggles, and Scolds Through his G7 Summit.

  1. My sister and her husband came out of covid hibernation and finally came to see me and I’m only 20 minutes from them. They are convinced that another pandemic is coming soon. I disagreed but wondered where is this coming from? I finally had to say, “Sure if Fauci releases another one on us.” Their mouths dropped. Conversation stopped. My sister groaned in protest. Fauci’s her hero. Even around libs we need to speak out. They certainly have no problem giving us their opinions.


  2. After leaving the last comment, another thought crossed my mind related to Fauci. He’s a pompous little asshole. He comes across as thinking his is God. He made the statement that experimenting with ” gain of function ” viruses was worth the risk? Who the hell is he, to be playing with the lives and health of millions of people? This sawed off little shit needs to be in prison for the things he’s done.

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