The Left Is Willfully Ignorant of Facts and Evidence!


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It doesn’t matter how hard the soil is to penetrate, if they hear a positive Trump story, they’ll get a pick ax and shovel and start digging. The left doesn’t seem to be aware of General Flynn being exonerated by documents that were declassified finally. Either they know what has recently come down about the Obama Administration and are lying about it, or they’ve been listening to fake news which has buried the story.

For instance, a liberal male claims he’d not heard the story about Governor Cuomo sending covid patients back to their nursing homes to die.  He said, “He’d never do that!”  However, he DID hear that Trump was taking hydroxychloroquine. Amazing how this happens. How does taking HCQ supersede what Cuomo did?  It doesn’t or shouldn’t. But this is how the left thinks.

So this is what we have here: The left is only hearing tidbits of a story which is watered down or spun by fake news media, but they blow up any news on Trump that they deem to be negative.  Voila: Trump bad; Obama good. The fake news is selectively reporting stories based on if they reflect negatively on Trump.  The liberal male response to “the Flynn exoneration story” would be:  just a diversion by Trump to take the news off of all the people he’s killed by his slow response to covid or he’d say he hasn’t heard that story which is code for “you heard it on FOX News and it’s faux news.”  This is the SOP of the left: spin or play dumb, there’s no in between. It’s been this way for years.

It makes no difference how educated these folks on the left are.  Some may have attended Harvard or Stanford or UCLA, but they all have the same mindset: Get Trump Out! They refuse to listen to reason, facts, or common sense.  But they sure can listen to fake news as long as it is negative about a conservative.  I, for one, am over it.  The way they treat the president reflects on how they’d treat me.  The president has done everything in his power to prevent and stop the spread of covid; and yet, they have nothing nice to say in return. They are being ungrateful and no one likes being unappreciated.

Trump started taking a trial run of HCQ to prove to folks that it isn’t a dangerous drug, has no side effects if taken early, and has been tried and true for fifty years.  If Obama had tried this brave move, the media would be calling him courageous; but with Trump, it’s irresponsible. There IS scientific evidence that people taking hydroxychloroquine for other conditions like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis have not contracted covid so Trump is using his intuition that possibly it can be used as a preventative medicine and is assisting science by taking a trial run. What better endorsement than from the President of the United States?  But what does Nancy say, “Trump is morbidly obese and shouldn’t take it.”  Her description of Trump is out of line, rude, and way off base. Notice how Nancy has started to excessively belittle and dismiss Trump lately talking about dog do and such?  She must be real nervous about something.

The Democrats are trying to stir up impeachment over Russian Collusion AGAIN because Russian Collusion has been taken off the table completely and it has them fuming. Evidence has come out that the DNC WASN’T hacked by Russia (which was the impetus for the Mueller Probe) but the Mueller Report lied about it.  Without this, the Democrats got nothing.  Isn’t this the definition of insanity when you keep trying the same thing over and over and getting the same result?  The Democrats are insane and willfully ignorant of facts and evidence including Mark Cuban who said, “Who cares?” when asked what he thought of Trump being spied on during his campaign.  Who cares?  We should all care when the FBI and CIA secretly plan a coup to oust the POTUS!  What’s wrong with Mark Cuban? He also said he’d vote for Biden.  Cuban is a typical Democrat voter that is willfully ignorant of facts and evidence.  He actually compared Biden’s mental incapacity to Trump’s mental health.  Another insult from the desperate left.

Bottom line:  Flynn was unmasked 39 times (spied on) as well as other members of the Trump Administration by all the so-called intelligence agencies that Obama enlisted right before leaving office, then entrapped in the White House by Comey and his band of thieves trying to steal the presidency back, then blackmailed into lying.  All the former president’s men and women are scrambling and lawyering up. They all know that they could be subpoenaed to come to congress and answer questions including Biden who’s hunkered down in his bunker like he’s in the middle of a battle. Maybe he’s dodging imaginary sniper fire like Hillary used to do. I doubt if a one of them will answer anything to congress as they’ll plead “the fifth”.

The left media is burying the truth from the public, and we’ll have to deal with this until the next election.  Their followers are behaving willfully ignorant as they eagerly devour fake, false news with large gulps of Kool Aid and dismiss the truth. But we all know the truth and if we bring it up to a lib, we’ll get shouted down.  That’s just the way it will be from here on out.  I’ve basically given up on them.  Save your breath. They aren’t worth informing as they’re close-minded, gullible, and locked in. They’ll vote for Biden whether he’s got one foot in a rest home, one hand handcuffed behind him, or whether three more sexually harassed gals come forward. Who cares? as idiot Mark Cuban says.




Bloomberg Admits “Trump Will Eat Them Up”…


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Referring to the current candidates and why he entered the race. Then he backpedaled to say, “I’m the only one that can stand up to Trump.”  This admission is coming from a Democrat and is the reason why the Democrats are trying to impeach Trump.  The main reason.  The other nonsense was just a set up to launch the Impeachment Inquiry.  Now they’re trying to change the rules of impeachment to fit their scant evidence.

Lindsey Graham says the impeachment will be dead on arrival in the Senate.  Some are calling it unconstitutional.  Some are calling it based on the least evidence and fastest impeachment in U.S. history and an abuse of power. Some are saying that their meeting tomorrow is just to takeover the news cycle from I. G. Horowitz’s Report.  Another smokescreen. Some say it is not a foregone conclusion that hate-filled Nancy will have the votes. Yes, Nancy, you have hate in your heart.

If the candidate that wins the primary turns out to be Biden, God help him. He’s not up to the challenge.  Trump will eat his lunch and his dinner. Biden will stammer, pace the floor, call Trump names, and behave like an angry teenager after catching his gal in an indiscretion under the bleachers.  Corn pop will be shaking in his tennies, but not Trump.  Trump doesn’t usually lose his cool and threaten anything physical. Trump doesn’t even need the Ukraine story of the Bidens to break. Biden is his own worst enemy, just as Kamala was. “Just let Biden talk” will be Trump’s new campaign slogan.

Once they play the clip of Biden saying, “I love kids sitting on my lap.”  Game over. It sounds creepy and lecherous.  That combined with all his sniffing tapes, blond hairy legs clip, and Hunter’s escapades, his goose will be about cooked.  Who will they throw in at the last minute?  I predict Michelle but Hillary is getting her spanks in a wad these days.


Why Is The Mainstream Media Covering For Hillary Again?

Is she planning another run for the presidency?  Ugh!  America doesn’t want to see her pants suit up on stage again. Can’t we get rid of her like we did Al Gore, John Kerry, and Romney?  Oh, we didn’t quite get rid of them yet.

Hillary goes on a two-hour interview with Howard Stern and not one question about the Zorro Ranch, Weinstein, Epstein, Weiner, and 33,000 deleted emails?  Give me a break.  That was a softball interview and Howard should be ashamed.  But since he’s Jewish, they always lean left. And why are all these Jewish guys giving the Jews a bad name?

There is evidence found in the Zorro Ranch that Hillary and Bill stayed there (and I don’t mean forensic evidence) even though they have denied it. Why can’t someone ask them about it?  What did they do there?  They were friends with a pedophile.  The mainstream media is protecting Hillary and the Bidens right now.  They won’t cover the real story.  They call the story of the Bidens “a FOX conspiracy story.”  BS.  They won’t even mention the Zorro Ranch story.  They are fake news and will always be fake news; and Trump can’t be impeached for telling the truth, scholarly professor from the forties.

“Trump will eat them up.” Second best line of the year.