Guns Don’t Kill People, Nuts Do.

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The rise in violence across America especially in Blue States can be attributed to poor leadership and lack of law and order in their states. We’ve had an increase in mass shooters of late occurring in liberal states, but the authorities, governors, and media continue to blame “guns” not the perpetrators or the lack of police enforcement and punishment.

Sacramento’s two p.m. shooting outside a bar was in part caused by a prisoner recently released from jail after serving only half his time. Yesterday’s subway shooter in New York City has had an open hate-filled account on social media. Social media blocks conservative speech but turns a blind eye to racist speech against whites. Why is that? Because they hate us all and wish for something to happen against us. Well…they got their wish.

We have a perfect storm right now in the justice system. A revolving door in the jails, corrupt prosecutors, soft-on-crime judges, defunded police forces, police-hate spreading, open borders with criminals crossing, draconian covid rules, soft punishments for BLM, a growing black revolution, and our leadership turning a blind eye to all the above but rather just blaming “guns.” A perfect storm. So expect more of this.

Whether it be a ghost gun, hunting rifle, pistol, semiautomatic, vehicle, or knife, it doesn’t matter the choice of weapon. It’s the nuts brandishing the weapon. Criminals aren’t law abiding citizens that fill out background check forms. They don’t attend gun shows. They can pick up a gun illegally as easy as a hooker on the street. They also rob gun stores, killing the owners. Yesterday one lamebrained anchor said guns are coming from southern states into New York. Whatever. That could be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard an anchor utter. Another attempt to blame Governors DeSantis and Abbott, no doubt.

California has some of the strictest gun laws, yet some of the highest crime rates. Over-legislating gun laws isn’t working, but holding criminals accountable for breaking the law does work. That’s where we are failing in Blue States. We fail to arrest and prosecute with suitable punishments that fit the crime. They are releasing murderers for God’s sake! When a murderer is released early, it’s an open invitation for recidivism. But they are still holding the nonviolent rally goers from January 6th behind bars. Go figure.

Yesterday’s Black mass shooter at large has a full hate presence on social media which should have been reported to local authorities or in the very least shutdown. But there seems to be an underground revolution going on whereby criminals can correspond with other likeminded individuals through social media. When the FBI starts looking into racist hate speech online rather than for the “elusive white supremist” which is like searching for Moby Dick, we’ll all be better off.

This subway shooting could have been prevented if we had metal detectors at turnstiles, arrests for stile jumpers, security cameras with security watching them, and a police presence in the subways. Where’s all our security these days? After the 9-11 attack in New York City, this is outrageous. Subway riders are sitting ducks for nuts with weapons. The Mayor of New York City and the new Governor should resign for dereliction of duty. Their first job is to keep people safe. They failed.

A week from now this attack will be buried by the media as it doesn’t fit their narrative of “Whites bad, Blacks good.” But it the meantime it will be “guns bad.


Guns Aren’t the Problem…

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causing the increased violence in liberal run states. Guns don’t go off on their own. The media and the Democrats in power have ignited the violence flame by spreading hate for the police. Guns can be bought illegally, stolen, or purchased legally by these hate-driven killers. Killers don’t follow gun laws. If there were no guns, they’d use a machete, a car, a bomb, or a brick. These killers are taking over our streets in liberal cities and killing indiscriminately.

Now we all know The Mob began as the Resist movement created by the likes of disgruntled Hillary followers funded by Soros. Remember when she hired these mobsters to attack folks in line for Trump rallies so Trump supporters would get labeled as violent? This is their SOP. Nothing has changed since then, it is just on a larger scale now. They pretend to be peaceful protesters by day but that is just their ploy to kill and get violent when the sun goes down. Where are their parents, we ask? Obviously raised in a very liberal upbringing filled with hate for President Trump. Children learn what they see. They’ve seen and heard lots of hate in their homes then they go to high school and hear it from their teachers during their impressionable years.

The teaching profession used to be revered and looked up to as a career that was devoted to helping children. Not any longer. We now know they just want to indoctrinate our kids from kindergarten on. College is the worst. The pandemic exposed teachers for what they really are, lazy, self-centered, and lacking empathy for our children with some exceptions, of course.

Yesterday on radio news they reported that “Officer Sicknick was attacked by The Mob and died.” He didn’t die from any attack but the news is spreading that rumor to imply that Trump supporters are The Mob that killed him. Outrageous. The more the left tries to blame guns and Trump supporters for the increasing violence, the stupider they look. At some point people will be able to deduce for themselves that we are all being lied to by the media. They are using the Nazi form of brainwashing, “if you repeat a lie often enough, they will believe it.” And some have.

So now that Biden has appointed another dufus radical as the Director of ATF, we are sure to be hearing more about threats of gun confiscations and bullet shortages across the nation. This is their answer to all violence. What they’re really trying to achieve is to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to purchase guns to defend themselves. Criminals have no problem getting ahold of guns. Honest people do.

We also have a bunch of Jussie Smolletts out there faking hate crimes against Blacks and Asians in order to blame white folks. This is escalating too and the media never calls it as it is. They never fail to mention white supremacists implying that Trump supporters are racist. Who is inspiring these young Jussie Smolletts to commit these crimes? BLM together with social media may be behind it. An investigative reporter needs to interview these punks; but, of course, they never get arrested or if they do, they’re released and sent back on the street. Never ending revolving door.

So when you hear on the news that crime is escalating just remember that it is only in liberal-run, loosey-goosey, anything-goes, cities that don’t enforce the laws on their books and is being fueled by Democrats’ and the media’s hateful rhetoric toward the police. Once a city suspends law enforcement, crime will only escalate as there are no repercussions for the violators. We need a bunch of Rudy Giulianis to takeover these liberal towns.

Why is the Noah Green Attack Suddenly Dropped by the Media?

We know why. Because he is a Black guy with a history of hate against Whites and a follower of Nation of Islam and this does not fit this administration’s current narrative of “who is a threat to America.” Plus he didn’t use that pesky gun which is what this administration is all about–gun control. But remarkedly if this murder had been committed by a White guy with a gun, it would still be dissected daily in the news. The double standard of the way these kind of stories get treated is despicable, i.e White guys bad; Black guys good.

Another story barely covered by the media was: “Five people are dead, including a doctor and two of his grandchildren, following a shooting at a home in Rock Hill, South Carolina, on Wednesday afternoon, according to the York County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect, 32-year-old Phillip Adams, was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at a nearby home, the York County Sheriff’s Office said.”

I had to google this story to read about it. A white family was shot dead by a Black guy, and we barely hear diddly in the news. And the usual “no known motive” was mentioned. The government and media are covering up this story too. Again, if this mass murder was committed by a White guy, Biden would have mentioned it in yesterday’s speech. Nary a word about the gun used or where he purchased it. Doesn’t matter when committed by a Black guy, the protected race.

Noah Green will get swept under the carpet just like Seth Rich’s murder, Officer Sicknick’s death, Ashli Babbitt’s murder, Hunter’s laptop, and his lying on a gun background check form. Why? Because these stories don’t fit the narrative of the socialcrats. The media is complicit with these cover ups by the government. We are living in a fantasy world where nothing we are told is the truth any longer.

Biden came to the mic yesterday and told so many blatant lies about our gun laws, it was hard to listen to. He thinks the public is so uninformed they will believe anything he says. Maybe some are, especially the ones who voted for him, but many aren’t and don’t deserve to be lied to. Yesterday’s lies were too many to list but the one that bothered me was gun show purchases need to have a background check. This is already being done, yet the media clapped like it was something new he was going to be implementing.

To date, no gun purchased at a gun show has been used in a crime. In fact, most guns used in recent mass shootings have been purchased legally and the buyer passed the background check or the FBI dropped the ball which means the background checks are worthless. The mother of an autistic child bought him a gun, and he shot up the school she worked at. That’s on the mother, not on a gun shop, not on a gun law, not even on the child. Just the mother, yet Biden brought it up yesterday like it was relevant. He should have mentioned the Parkland shooter who was allowed in school because of Obama’s Promise Program.

Also Gabby Gifford was shot by an obsessed young Democrat fan of hers that wasn’t getting noticed by her. Never a mention of that fact. No gun law or gun shop could have changed the outcome. He was mentally ill and probably got the gun from his Democrat parents. Also, no “ghost guns” purchased in pieces have been used in any murders either. Biden must have recently watched the movie In the Line of Fire and thought it was real. So Biden is chasing ghosts in the gun laws that aren’t there. He wants to make hay out of nothing.

Biden also brought up the Pulse Nightclub shooting like it was a gay hate crime. It was not. It was done by a recruited ISIS terrorist. They shoot anyone regardless of sexual preference. It was more a place of opportunity that had little security. Gun laws won’t stop a terror attack.

Hunter Biden, the new darling of the left, is boldly going on late night comedy shows making light of his laptop and the sycophant hosts lap it all up. Again the media is siding with a phony, lawless, loser; putting him on a pedestal. If he is convicted of something, anything, they will drop him like a hot potato. But I won’t hold my breath. Conversely, they make fun of Trump’s sons mocking the fact that they have the nerve to question Hunter using his father’s name to get ahead. No comparison as Trump’s sons are not derelicts like Hunter. Haven’t lost all their teeth to meth, shot porn with underage sex actors, nor snorted parmesan cheese out of a shag carpet. Never have been in any trouble and work hard for a living.

You can judge a man’s character by the children he raises. And Biden’s son, Hunter, is an example of Joe’s legacy. That apple fell straight down below the tree. Two peas in a pod; thicker than thieves; like father, like son, etc. etc.

So if you are wondering what happened to the Noah Green story, don’t bother. It has been buried and replaced by heart-wrenching stories of Hunter’s struggle with drug addiction. Amazing. Just imagine, if Hunter was Eric Trump how the media would cover this same story. Get it now?

Has anyone noticed that most mass murderers turn out to be liberals including the Las Vegas shooter who we hear nothing about any longer? Never found a motive. Really? They found a motive but do not choose to tell us. It doesn’t fit their narrative. And why did they let his girlfriend go free when she assisted him prior to leaving the country? Guns aren’t the problem, crazy people are.