Guns Don’t Kill People, Nuts Do.

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The rise in violence across America especially in Blue States can be attributed to poor leadership and lack of law and order in their states. We’ve had an increase in mass shooters of late occurring in liberal states, but the authorities, governors, and media continue to blame “guns” not the perpetrators or the lack of police enforcement and punishment.

Sacramento’s two p.m. shooting outside a bar was in part caused by a prisoner recently released from jail after serving only half his time. Yesterday’s subway shooter in New York City has had an open hate-filled account on social media. Social media blocks conservative speech but turns a blind eye to racist speech against whites. Why is that? Because they hate us all and wish for something to happen against us. Well…they got their wish.

We have a perfect storm right now in the justice system. A revolving door in the jails, corrupt prosecutors, soft-on-crime judges, defunded police forces, police-hate spreading, open borders with criminals crossing, draconian covid rules, soft punishments for BLM, a growing black revolution, and our leadership turning a blind eye to all the above but rather just blaming “guns.” A perfect storm. So expect more of this.

Whether it be a ghost gun, hunting rifle, pistol, semiautomatic, vehicle, or knife, it doesn’t matter the choice of weapon. It’s the nuts brandishing the weapon. Criminals aren’t law abiding citizens that fill out background check forms. They don’t attend gun shows. They can pick up a gun illegally as easy as a hooker on the street. They also rob gun stores, killing the owners. Yesterday one lamebrained anchor said guns are coming from southern states into New York. Whatever. That could be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard an anchor utter. Another attempt to blame Governors DeSantis and Abbott, no doubt.

California has some of the strictest gun laws, yet some of the highest crime rates. Over-legislating gun laws isn’t working, but holding criminals accountable for breaking the law does work. That’s where we are failing in Blue States. We fail to arrest and prosecute with suitable punishments that fit the crime. They are releasing murderers for God’s sake! When a murderer is released early, it’s an open invitation for recidivism. But they are still holding the nonviolent rally goers from January 6th behind bars. Go figure.

Yesterday’s Black mass shooter at large has a full hate presence on social media which should have been reported to local authorities or in the very least shutdown. But there seems to be an underground revolution going on whereby criminals can correspond with other likeminded individuals through social media. When the FBI starts looking into racist hate speech online rather than for the “elusive white supremist” which is like searching for Moby Dick, we’ll all be better off.

This subway shooting could have been prevented if we had metal detectors at turnstiles, arrests for stile jumpers, security cameras with security watching them, and a police presence in the subways. Where’s all our security these days? After the 9-11 attack in New York City, this is outrageous. Subway riders are sitting ducks for nuts with weapons. The Mayor of New York City and the new Governor should resign for dereliction of duty. Their first job is to keep people safe. They failed.

A week from now this attack will be buried by the media as it doesn’t fit their narrative of “Whites bad, Blacks good.” But it the meantime it will be “guns bad.


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