Inflation Blamation is the Name of their Game.

Photo by Mikael Blomkvist on

As we’ve all noticed, the White House has changed their story more than once on why we have a soaring inflation now at 8.5%. It was around 2% under the Trump Administration.

Originally when inflation began to rise, they told us “not to worry as it was transitory”, here today–gone tomorrow with the caveat that inflation is a good sign of people are getting back to work and shopping. When that story didn’t work as it is still rising, they’ve changed their story to being “due to the long pandemic.” They’ve also tried to blame those pesky, greedy meat packers, oil companies, and car manufacturers for rising costs of their goods. This was just a red herring to distract us from the real fish, the flounder in the Oval Office. When the pandemic was waning and the inflation still rising, they had to find another red herring: Putin.

“Putin’s war” is now the cause of our rising inflation, they say. I’m half waiting for them to blame Trump next, but they probably know by now that even the dumbest of the dumb won’t fall for that. But I won’t hold my breath as die hard Dems are pretty loyal. These prices began rising when Biden cancelled the policies that were working under Trump and started paying folks to sit home on their asses. The cost of oil rose steadily and, viola, here we are today.

Cancelling all our energy independence policies like drilling, fracking, coal mining, pipelines, etc. is the root cause of our inflationary problems combined with spending six trillion $$$ on programs that haven’t done one thing for our country. Build back better isn’t building anything! Inflation will continue to rise until we take back control over the economy after the midterms. We will pass some bills in the House and Senate; and if the flounder doesn’t sign them, impeachment time. We will also close our borders, cancel the free cell phones and welfare, round up the migrants, and send them back to their country of origin as Biden’s border disorder isn’t helping our inflation either.

It’s our only way out of this mess the liberal left, woke, socialists, green activists, (or whatever the ef they want to be called) have caused. It is on them alone. No one else can be blamed for inflation or our crisis at the border. No one else. Not even Putin, their new boogeyman.


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