Joe’s Sister, Valerie, Comes to the Biden Family Defense…

claiming it’s a far right wing attack on Hunter by Trump. Really? Sounds familiar right? Just like when Hillary came to Bill’s defense calling it a far right wing conspiracy when Bill’s mistress, Gennifer Flowers, was exposed prior to the election. Those darn right wingers! We have nothing better to do than find forgotten laptops and secret mistresses.

“Are any of the stories about Hunter true?” asks the interviewer.

She emphatically responds, “No!” while Joe’s brother and wife sit in on the interview with USA Today trying to protect their reputation, no doubt. Valerie is releasing a book about growing up in the Biden family. Another sibling trying to make money by selling the Biden name. Since when is the Biden name worth money? The guy has been a plagiarizer, three time loser, cheater, now a failure of a president. How much is that really worth? I would think nothing. We have nothing to learn or gain from this guy as his reputation is mud.

What we have here is a crime syndicate family exposed that are scrambling to the rescue; but, alas, we’ve heard this crap before. It’s the typical crap that comes out of Democrats’ mouths when they are painted into a corner. It’s always a far right wing conspiracy. Their base loves that excuse because they hate conservatives and want to believe it.

But there’s solid evidence in the form of an authenticated laptop with emails and salacious pictures, bank records, and a hard drive that hasn’t been deleted or bleach bit by Hillary this time. We have Hunter and Joe dead to rights. Just the fact that they throw his sister out to defend the family is pitiful. What? She’s a woman so we have to believe her? The whole Biden family has now been exposed as pathological liars. What they want us to believe is that our own eyes are lying to us, not them. Some gullibles will fall for it.

For instance, 37% of people polled think there is no problem at our border and that Biden is handling it well. WHAT?! Are they living under a rock? They better start living under a rock because illegals that are released prisoners and drug traffickers are being shipped in the dead of night to a town near them.

Let’s face it, Biden’s only reason for opening the border to anyone that wants to cross is to permanently change the fabric of America. He is trying to increase the population of America by 20% of illegals, sending them to Red States so they can eventually “vote Democrat” keeping the GOP out of office for decades. Who gives free cell phones and a goodie bag full of clothes to someone breaking the law? This president does. He’s spending taxpayers’ money like a drunken sailor.

This is his devious plan that seems to go unnoticed by the media. Wake up America! We’re being invaded by an enemy at our southern border. And it’s not another far right wing conspiracy like Joe’s sister claims. I love my siblings too; but if they were breaking the law, I’d wouldn’t go on camera defending one of them. Who does this? Desperate people who themselves are hiding nefarious dealings.


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