Conservative Traditionalists are the New Discriminated Class.

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If you are one who believes in pulling yourself up by the bootstraps during tough times, you will be banned from social media for hate speech for expressing your ideas. If you are one who plans for the future, lives on a budget, saves for a car, buys clothes on sale or items from the Dollar Tree, you will be banned from social media for hate speech for expressing your ideas. If you are one who joins the military to get a jump start on your education, then attends college, and pays off your own college loans, you will be banned from social media for hate speech for expressing your ideas. If you are one who believes in the American Dream, you may as well keep it to yourself or be banned from social media.

Does this sound crazy to you? It does, but is happening everyday to conservatives who have ideas that they want to share with others on how to achieve the America Dream during inflationary times. Twitter calls it “hate speech.” Why? Because they want us to sit home brooding and waiting for a bill to be passed by goofball Biden that will send them a check rather than pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Biden is a Socialist who wants the government to keep control of its citizens even though he keeps professing that he is a Capitalist. Thou profess too much. Maybe in his private life with Hunter he is or rather a conman, but as president he’s a Socialist.

He wants everyone dependent on the government just like Obama did. In fact, Obama is pulling the strings behind the man who sits in the oval office. Obama, Jared, and Rice. Three powerful women behind the scenes. Oh, I mean two powerful women and one genderless guy.

Everyday I hear about another conservative or traditionalist or capitalist being banned from social media for speaking common sense not hate speech. But there are no regulations on what these social medias can do. They are out of control. Remember they banned Trump from twitter for speaking the truth. Whenever someone mentions the stolen election they are tagged as hate speech then banned.

So if you have traditional ideas on how to achieve the American Dream, you are filled with hate. This is how they think. Government overreach and media banning has long lasting effects. For instance, adults wearing masks around babies have contributed to the increase in delayed speech in two-year olds. It’s a fact. Speech therapy for two-year olds has increased by 347% since adults began wearing masks around babies. Thanks to our government! We don’t know the long term effects on our society by the government overreach in our lives. They forced masks on us at social gatherings, markets, classrooms, even in the car. But we weren’t saving lives; we were, in fact, harming lives…lives of the future of America.

My two year old grandson is a victim of our crazy government as he has delayed speech and now requires speech therapy classes. He was born the week covid hit our shores–right before the nationwide shutdown with folks hiding in their homes, hoarding toilet paper, and allowing no visitors to enter their premises. It was like a scene from a horror film. This all had an affect on babies seeing no smiling faces on family and friends. Just big scary masks. What a rude welcoming after being in a dark womb for nine months. Our government is cruel.

I blame our government for forcing adults to wear masks in stores, restaurants, gatherings, and classrooms. They were crazy to do this and have no idea the future problems they’ve caused for families, doctors, therapists, and teachers. No idea.

Keep in mind, when Facebook and Twitter banned the news of Hunter’s laptop from hell tagging it “Russia disinformation” on their platforms, they influenced our last election which has put our country into a downward tailspin. Diversity seems to be the name of the left’s game these days even including transgenders into the mix. But remember, white, heterosexual males and females are still the majority and should never have to feel white guilt for being WHO WE ARE. We are in the majority whether we are conservative or liberal and never forget it! Go to the polls and show them. We are tired of being banned and silenced, especially if we are conservative traditionalists.


4 thoughts on “Conservative Traditionalists are the New Discriminated Class.

  1. All of this stuff is sort of understandable, the acts of a political party that has aspirations of becoming the dominant party, eventually the only party. What I have yet to understand, is the ” out in the open” attempt to sexualize young children. There is obviously a reason they are doing this, and I am anxiously awaiting a so-called expert to explain the motives. It would seem they are attempting to kill heterosexuality. That in itself is counterproductive (no pun intended) To sexualize our babies is nothing short of evil.


  2. I haven’t figure that out either but was wondering if maybe there are lots of minorities in prison for sex with children and they are trying to “normalize it” by teaching it? Then when it occurs it can be written off as being taught in our schools. I really don’t know yet. But Biden is sort of a pedo so there’s that; and more may come out later. They definitely want our children to have white guilt and I won'[t have any part of that.

    My six year old grandson has two girls on his baseball team. I asked him if they are especially good or something? He said, “no, they’re terrible.” So what’s up with that? Moms forcing their daughters in male sports? I’ve never heard of this before.


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