Red Wave Coming or Just Another Media Hype?

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Every election we get excited about the news of a Red Wave coming that will save us all from the Democrats and we let our guard down.

Is this Red Wave they are predicting just another ploy to get us to let our guard down so the left can repeat what they did in 2020? The days of red waves are over now that the Democrats know how to cheat in plain sight and get away with it. The GOP gets too confident when they hear of Red Waves before an election and figures they don’t need to do a thing. They’ll let the people speak. But if the people become fearful of covid again like this administration is promoting, the unreliable mass mail in ballots and no-chain-of-custody drop boxes will rear their ugly heads again.

I can’t watch the GOP get duped two times in a row. It is incomprehensible that they are not prepared for another well-coordinated hijacking of our midterms. I’m quite sure the Democrats have been planning their next heist the minute Biden stepped into the White House. But are the GOP aware of this? They seem to get caught flatfooted and flabbergasted when election fraud occurs. Their jaws are still dropped from November 4, 2020, as they didn’t see it coming. We are just too trusting!

I hope they haven’t fallen into another trap that we’ll have a Red Wave like they keep repeating in the news. I’ve heard this refrain before, and it doesn’t always happen. Remember in 2018, a Blue Wave was predicted while Trump was president, but the GOP actually increased their senators in the Senate and kept the lead. So watch out! Unless we require Voter ID, in-person voting, paper ballots, poll inspectors, and signature verification, we could be looking at a Stolen Election 2.0. Let’s hope not,


One thought on “Red Wave Coming or Just Another Media Hype?

  1. You share my fears that the GOP is going to get caught by surprise. Can these people really be so clueless? I think the Dems are going to try and rerun the Covid scare with some new variant. Whatever….I don’t trust the Dems even for a moment. If Elon can secure Twitter, that will be a little help, even if the just demoralizes the Dems.

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