Is There Black Supremacy?

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Blacks wanted equal rights but seem to be demanding more than equal now. Do Blacks now feel that they are superior to other races since they have broken so many glass ceilings in the last twenty years? After all, we elected a Black president twice and a Black VP. We’ve put two in the Supreme Court, many in Congress, and many more as governors and mayors. They have equal presence in every commercial and just about every movie especially in Netflix and Lifetime Movies. Interracial marriages are more the norm according to Hollywood movies. Blacks dominated the Academy Awards show, Music Award Shows, and, of course, sports yet they only make up 10% of our population. How is that a true representation of the fabric of America?

They are leading our military and the president’s cabinet. So maybe all this fame and glory has gone to their heads and they feel superior to other races now. White supremacy is a myth in today’s climate. There may be a few outliers, but for the most part White Supremacy is not a threat like our FBI, DOJ, and President claim. Could it be they are deflecting from the real supremacy going on? Absolutely!

In the news we’re seeing lots of evidence of uppity Blacks acting superior to the rest of us. From Jussie Smollett to Will Smith, they act like they are above us and above the law. I think fame and fortune has gone to their heads. We gave them an inch… The media has propped them up a mile all the while spreading false stories of racism in the news. Their biggest lie was that Trump was a racist beginning with the Charlottesville lie spread by the likes of Kamala, Hillary, and Biden. It went on for four years and the Blacks and millennials began to believe it.

Certainly we have a problem with some Black career criminals evidenced by them spouting off their hatred of whites. That sounds racist to me. But the media will not allow Blacks to be the racist ones. But they are worse. We had black revolutionaries and Black Panthers back in the 60s and 70s; but it looks like even though they’ve been given much over the years, they still aren’t happy and want more. They want to overcome like Ketanji Brown Jackson cried in her acceptance speech. Boy, oh boy, Biden fell for her “oppressed to success” spiel she gave him. She and her parents were never oppressed. Affirmative action was alive and well around their time.

Black conservatives, however, are dismissed by the left. They are called names and mocked like how they treated Dr. Ben Carson who was a surgeon not fake like Jill Biden. And how they treated Allen West who was recently asked to speak at a university. They embraced Colin Powell because he became vocal about supporting liberal issues and candidates and hating Trump. The “hate Trump card” always gives conservatives a pass with the left, like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney. They also treat Justice Thomas, Larry Elder, and Condi Rice dismissively.

Martin Luther King wanted us to all be equal and not judged by the color of our skin; but the left hasn’t lived up to his wishes even though they quote him often. They are actually doing the complete opposite of King’s wishes by hating whites and black conservatives. Everyone wants to be judged by the content of their character not their looks like the left is always ballyhooing about. But they are hypocrites, as they do judge by color and color alone. In fact, Kamala and Ketanji were chosen for their color and gender alone not the content of their character, moral compass, or superior accomplishments. Average women of color.

Everything the Democrats do is to garner votes, not to improve America. But it is backfiring as We the People are starting to see that nothing is “better under Biden.” So Blacks better get off their high horse and start treating others as they’d like to be treated, not slapped in the face, pushed in a subway track, victim of a staged hate crime, coldcocked on the street, or victim of a mass shooter. That’s no way to stop racism and promote equality. That just makes them notorious not superior.

Biden will be known as the “First Transgender President” as Bill Clinton was labeled the “First Black President” due to his sympathy for the black movement. Biden has done more to screw up children’s minds into thinking they are trans than any person in history. This is what he’ll be remembered for. So as black supremacy is increasingly becoming a thing, maybe within 30 years there will be “trans supremacy.” Who knows? Our country is getting taken over by the looney left. There should be NO supremacy groups as we were “all created equal” and should be living by the Golden Rule. “Can’t we all just get along?” as Rodney King said thirty years ago?


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