Democrats Never Apologize or Admit Fault.

Donkeys are stubborn.

There’s a reason they have a donkey as their mascot. Donkeys are stubborn. But there’s also a reason we have the elephant as our mascot. Elephants never forget. Don’t bother asking this White House for an apology on their past foolish remarks. It ain’t gonna happen. If anything they will double down on their mistakes claiming that the investigators got it wrong or they’ll pass the buck to the DOJ to apologize. But they won’t either.

They’ve never apologized for the Russia Collusion hoax and most likely still believe it. They still believe in the Steel Dossier which they shouted from the roof tops for years. They dismissed Hunter’s laptop for two years but don’t come out and apologize for being wrong. What about the 50 intelligence agents and CIA who claimed it was “Russia Disinformation?” Where’s an apology from one of them? Crickets.

They’ve protected BLM and Antifa while vilifying peaceful rally goers and haven’t apologized yet. They scoffed at the idea that the covid virus was created in China and unleashed on us. They called us racists and xenophobic for banning flights from China. When do we get an apology for that? They are always wrong. They forced masks and lockdowns on us that didn’t work. Time for an apology on that idea. But as Republicans, we can only sit and wait for an apology that will never come. Peter Doocey may as well forget about Biden apologizing for accusing the border control horsemen of whipping migrants. Ain’t gonna happen.

The left never apologizes for anything. Never, ever. Have we seen Hillary come to the mic and apologize for spying on the Trump campaign? No! In fact, she won’t even admit she got caught. She’s still calling it a far right wing conspiracy or a “FOX News trumped up” story. These Democrats are the scum of the earth living in swamps. They have no morals, scruples, or dignity like Biden ran on. In fact, Biden promised to fire anyone who spoke disparagingly about another person. Really? He called Doocey a “Stupid son of a bitch” and so did Psaki claiming Doocey just asks what FOX News wants him to ask. They are liars.

Have they apologized for the debacle in Afghanistan? No. What about the open border crisis that they caused? Will they ever admit they were wrong to abolish all Trump’s policies and stop building the wall? No. What about the rising cost of gasoline at the pumps? Who’s fault is that? Everyone’s but Biden’s, apparently. In fact, he tried to blame Governor Abbott for delaying trucks crossing the border as a cause for inflation. Grasping at straws much? These people are nuts and chronic liars.

The war in Ukraine is partly due to Biden’s cancelling the Keystone Pipeline, drilling, fracking, and coal mining in the U.S. then getting us back into the Paris Climate Accord leaving us dependent on other countries again for energy. Also approving the underwater pipeline from Russia to Germany which left Ukraine wide open for attack. Russia thinks Biden’s stupid plus they have something on him. They also know our president is weak and will do nothing to stop the war that would never have started if Trump were president.

So those in the media who are asking for apologies from this administration, please; it’s embarrassing. You’ll never get one, so don’t bother asking. It would be like asking my Democrat friends if they are sorry they voted for Biden? Or do they think Biden has dementia? They’ll lie. Waste of time asking them.


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