Biden Plays the Poor Card, Again.

“I was listed as the poorest man in congress for 36 years.”

Poor, poor pitiful “lunchbox Joe.” For some reason Biden still wants us to think he came from a poor, lower class family where he rose to become a senator and never thought senators should be making money while in office other than their salary. So with that said, I guess he just admitted he made all his millions surreptitiously. The IRS needs to check his tax returns and bank accounts for the last twenty years. Sounds like a lot of money laundering going on in the Biden Family Crime Syndicate.

But they won’t as they are under the rule of Biden right now and will not touch it. Biden is obviously trying to debunk the stories of “the big guy” and Hunter raking in millions from other countries by selling access when he was VP before the midterms come around. Right now he is dropping in the polls and his name is mud. He’s probably secretly sending troops to Ukraine, but we’ll never hear of it as he’ll lose his base (if he has any left).

Biden is being corralled by Easter bunnies and can barely read one page from a children’s book. He looks weak, tired, and spent. His mouth is a huge liability to our country, so they are confining him. His basement is where he should have remained. (Careful what you cheat for.) His wife is an elder abuser and should be investigated. His dogs attack secret service members and it goes unreported. Dogs have a sixth sense and can smell corruption. Something weird is happening in this White House. His incoherency is contagious to his VP, Kamala.

How much longer can he last? I don’t think he’ll last until 2024. Something is brewing behind closed doors at the White House and it’s not beer. The left wants to replace him with the first gay man, Buttigeig, and leave the first black woman in the VP slot. Even the courts are turning against Biden. His days are numbered.

Stay tuned as we can expect just about anything from here on out.


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